Red and gold eyeshadow looks

31 Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

red and gold eyeshadow looks

Soft Golden Peach Eye Makeup - Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette

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The red color is one of the most favored colors. Along with black, white, and beige, red represents the timeless and always fashionable color that is tricky to combine. However, the fact is it is a pretty statement shade, and you will surely be noticed. Eye makeup for the red dress can be casual and elegant depending on where you want to carry it. There are a few things you should keep in mind though.

Anyway, one of the things you have to prepare for is your look. Next year, there are new trends to look forward too. The first step is to prime your eyes to make sure your eye makeup stays put. You can then add a skin tone color to the base to lock in your primer. You can use a brush for both, or you can use your fingers.

Many people tend to forget that different shades of colour can enhance your green eyes. This will show off your eye colour in a different way. Makeup artists will tell you this and they will give you a colour guide to follow. Of course, there are different shades of colours that favour green eyes more than others do, and you need to know what tones these are and try to stick to them. Gold, purple, lilac, lavender and plum are just one of them. To make things easier for you, we have come up with 31 pretty eye makeup looks for you to try. Source: klaudiabadura.

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Subtle Red Gold Party Eye Makeup Tutorial

Gold Smokey Eye - Drugstore/Affordable Makeup Tutorial

These 15 Simple Eye Shadow Looks Are the Complete Opposite of Instagram Makeup

Its the season of weddings and with that, it brings party makeup! For me, the color that comes to the mind first when we in India think of weddings or parties is red, but it is such a strong color that it usually just ends up on our dress or lips and seldom on our eyes. So, I wanted to try a wearable red eye makeup with gold and this is the look I created and wanted to share with you all. I want to first thank other beautiful girls who put up tutorials using collages, which has inspired me to try that too. I love this style of presenting tutorials!

In the age of Instagram, it's easy to get intimidated and overwhelmed at the prospect of creating your own eye makeup look. It seems like every tutorial we see involves complicated blending, impeccable cat eyeliner, or fussy cut creases. While these looks are beautiful and inspiring in their own right, we usually want to take inspiration from something simpler. After all, we don't know what you're weekday mornings are like, but ours are too rushed to sit in front of the mirror perfecting our eye makeup for 15 minutes. In fact, we're lucky if we have 15 minutes to get ready in total. Maybe it's just us, but coffee always comes first.

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  1. Whether wearing bold eyeshadow colors or vibrant liquid liners, stars like Rihanna , Emma Stone and Kristen Stewart always leave us mesmerized with their makeup for green eyes, proving that they know exactly how to play up this gorgeous eye color.

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