How to play fire and rain

Fire and Rain (song)

how to play fire and rain

Fire And Rain Guitar Lesson - James Taylor - Guitar Lesson

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The American folk revival of the s and 60s paid dividends in the s, a decade we usually associate with prog rock, disco, funk, and punk. Mitchell drew from her teenage appreciation for jazz guitar, which she taught herself to play while still in high school. Taylor picked up his unusual voicings and arrangements from a number of American sources. Through pure technique, he makes the instrument sing, pulling his melodies from chord patterns and picking styles. As befits such a thoughtful player, he is also a teacher of the instrument, offering a free series of lessons for playing his most beloved songs. Note that these lessons are for intermediate players, at least, and assume prior familiarity with the chord changes in the songs.

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Fire and Rain was written by James Taylor in and is one of Taylor's best known and successful songs. The song is also about his struggles with addiction and coping with fame. The song is more or less fingerpicking throughout, only occasionally strumming during the chorus. Taylor has a rather unorthodox style of playing the guitar and tends to grip chords unconventionally; it's entirely up to you whether you want to hold down the chords like he does or just play them as you normally would. It's well worth watching him play this song live before learning it yourself. Fire and Rain is made up of just 3 parts - an intro, verse and a chorus.

James Taylor Demonstrates How to Play His 1970 Hit ‘Fire and Rain’

I love this song I'm a huge James Taylor fan and listen to his stuff all the time, but I've not been playing any, but that's about to change - it's wonderful and fun to play and I'm sure you are going to enjoy learning it as much as I did!



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  1. Here's how to play Fire and Rain by James Taylor on guitar. Full fingerstyle guitar lesson with tab and video tutorials. A great song for.

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