Are matt damon and ben affleck still friends

Matt Damon 'Will Always Be There' for Ben Affleck as He Struggles with Addiction: Source

are matt damon and ben affleck still friends

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But things took a turn for the worse in the early s. How did he do this? By stepping behind the camera to deliver audiences the one-two sucker punch of Boston crime dramas Gone Baby Gone and The Town. This was followed by the knockout blow when he helmed, produced and starred in the Oscar winning Argo. But this man is Batman. Something that would have been unthinkable at the start of the decade. So, who stuck with Affleck through both the good times and the bad times?

As Ben Affleck seeks treatment for alcohol addiction, his lifelong friend Matt Damon continues to be a big part of his support system. In an interview with Barbara Walters in , Affleck credited Damon as one of the people who helped him get through his battles with addiction. Affleck is to direct Damon in the project, which marks their first film together in over a decade. Affleck entered rehab last week. Garner drove the actor to a Malibu treatment center the same day.

He later appeared in the independent coming-of-age comedy Dazed and Confused and various Kevin Smith films, including Mallrats Chasing Amy and Dogma He then established himself as a leading man in studio films, including the drama Armageddon , the romantic comedy Forces of Nature , the war drama Pearl Harbor , and the spy thriller The Sum of All Fears After a career downturn, during which he appeared in Daredevil and Gigli both , Affleck received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in the noir biopic Hollywoodland His directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone , which he also co-wrote, was well received. He then directed, co-wrote, and starred in the crime drama The Town In , he starred in the action thriller The Accountant , and directed, wrote, and acted in the gangster drama Live by Night.

Right enough, at least, for a certain small section of the city. In the years since, Damon has largely stayed away from any further Boston mythologizing— The Departed was his one major return visit—while Affleck pursued it further in his crime films Gone Baby Gone and The Town , depicting a city of vice and grit in a manner that was compelling, if not always convincing. Which brings us to City on a Hill , a new Showtime series executive produced by Affleck and Damon, about crime-ridden early s Boston and a pair of unlikely allies who aim to sorta clean it up.




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