Best dazed and confused quotes

The Best Dazed and Confused Quotes

best dazed and confused quotes

Dark City (1998)

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A quote can be a single line from one character or a memorable dialog between several characters. Please make your quotes accurate. Quotes will be submitted for approval by the RT staff. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Certified Fresh Picks.

Simone: I did it when I was a freshman, and you'll do it when you're seniors. Now fry like bacon, you little freshman piggies. Wooderson: Let me tell you what Melba Toast is packin' right here, alright. We got Positrac outback, double pumper Edelbrock intakes, bored over 30, 11 to 1 pop-up pistons, turbo-jet horsepower. Wooderson: Yeah, well, listen. You ought to ditch the two geeks you're in the car with now and get in with us. But that's alright, we'll worry about that later.

Last night, I had the great opportunity to see a special 20th anniversary screening of Dazed and Confused. Allow the following quotes to elaborate further:.
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Class movie quotes. Wooderson: Man, it's the same bullshit they tried to pull in my day. If it ain't that piece of paper, there's some other choice they're gonna try and make for you. You gotta do what Randall Pink Floyd wants to do man. Let me tell you this, the older you do get the more rules they're gonna try to get you to follow.


All The ‘Dazed And Confused’ Lines You Know You’re Still Quoting

Dazed & Confused... 4th of July quote

Matthew McConaughey: Wooderson






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