Norm from phineas and ferb

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norm from phineas and ferb

Phineas and Ferb - Weaponry (HD)

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He is an over-sized humanoid robot that Heinz Doofenshmirtz created to destroy Perry the Platypus , but is now Heinz's assistant who helps his creator with his evil schemes. However Doofenshmirtz often treats Norm badly because he is annoyed with the fact that Norm is not really evil-natured but just clueless and stupid. Norm considers Heinz his father and always tries to make him proud. Norm was supposedly created by Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz after realizing that the only way to destroy his lifetime nemesis Perry the Platypus was to find the true enemy of the platypus: not any weapon or ray gun or duplicatable stunt seen on television, but man.

Sign in. Watch now. In "Doofenpus:" Phineas and Ferb build a device to make solid things liquid in order to check out new flavors for truly exotic smoothies. Doofenshmirtz figures to beat Perry the Platypus on his level by turning himself into a platypus, whereby an evenly matched battle ensues. In "Norm Unleashed:" Norm is left in charge and commanded to "show initiative" when jury duty summons Dr. Doofenshmirtz away. Unhampered by Inators or ineptitude, Norm becomes a true menace to the city and a formidable foe for Perry by making himself the ultimate weapon.

Phineas, Ferb and the rest of the team were making a blueprint for someone. Once they had finished they called for Norm and he and the Fireside Girls went to the group. Norm, still smiling while holding the blueprint, went inside Vanessa's room and told her about his idea. Her response, however, was not what he expected. That statement made Norm enter a shocked state, with his smile literally spinning until it turned upside down. As he went inside the room Vanessa finished her call with Monty and closed her cellphone, putting it on her pockets afterwards.

Norm is the secondary antagonist and sometimes an anti-hero of the famed Disney Channel animated series Phineas and Ferb , and a minor character in the Disney XD series Milo Murphy's Law. He is a giant humanoid robot created by Heinz Doofenshmirtz to serve as his assistant and sidekick.
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The following is a character list of main and secondary characters on the Disney Channel series Phineas and Ferb. Phineas Flynn voiced by Vincent Martella Like other characters, he has red hair. His age is not mentioned. Phineas, along with his stepbrother Ferb Fletcher , star in the A-Plot of every episode. The series concerns Phineas's attempts to avoid boredom by finding something new to do every day of the summer vacation.

I realized I never posted these here but last semester I tried drawing my fav platypus and co again! Thanks for the ask. Doofenshmirtz, Megamind, and Loki would be such a chaotic team guys it would be hilarious. Heinz would be making tech with Megamind, but neither can use it correctly. Megamind and Loki would talk about how humans suck. Heinz and Loki would rant about their backstories because Loki has two awful dads and Heinz has awful parents and they both have brothers that get all the spotlight. And Minion and Norm would love each other!

Doofapus/Norm Unleashed

The enemy of the platypus is man. Norm is an over-sized humanoid robot that Heinz Doofenshmirtz originally created to try to destroy Perry the Platypus ; he has since become Doof's assistant.







Norm (Phineas and Ferb)


Norm chased after Perry through Danville, trying to destroy him. During Phineas and Ferb's chariot race, Norm ran into the ox statue outside Paul Bunyan's.
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