Stevie j and faith evans song

Did ’Da Jordans’ Break Up? Trouble In Paradise For Faith Evans & Stevie J.

stevie j and faith evans song

[Intro] Prolific Music Danger zone, baby [Verse 1: Stevie J] See what I can see. Bring out the best in me. I've crossed the line, so many times.

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The marriage of Stevie J and Faith Evans didn't just take us by surprise Family sources on both sides tell TMZ We're told there was never talk -- not a hint -- of a wedding. Faith was scheduled to be in L. Our sources say there are a lot of hurt feelings among those close to the couple Family sources on Faith's side tell us

Last week, we showed you the teaser from Stevie J. And today is the day the full-length music video was released. If you thought Stevie perhaps used a different, less creepy voice and face to pull Faith, then you thought wrong. Same ole sleez. But there he was. I should note that Faith looks incredible. And given the amount of time the two spent dry humping each other and simulating shower sex, she likely wanted to show it off.

Stevie J production discography

A hit-making producer with a love for women and drama, learn about the reality star who stole Faith Evans' heart. For his part, Stevie J has had a storied career in music and a drama-filled run on reality TV.

Faith Evans & Stevie J Shoot A Late Night Romper For "A Minute"

Faith Evans has had quite the week. It was enough of a shock when the two admitted that they were dating one another. But dating and committing your life to a man who has spent the last several years on television acting UP, is an entirely different situation. But if you thought the nuptials were enough, the two artists have something else in store for you. Apparently, the Jordans have a music video in the works. Stevie J.

Jordan first rose to fame as a member of Bad Boy Records ' " Hitmen " roster of in-house producers and writers during the s. Outside of his association with Bad Boy, he has also produced for artists including Mariah Carey , with whom he was nominated for a Grammy Award for the contribution on her album Butterfly Prior to joining Bad Boy Records , Stevie J often performed with Jodeci as one of their live musicians, playing the bass guitar. Phic It was alleged that Stevie and Joseline Hernandez [10] were married, but later revealed that they were actually not legally married. In , Jordan announced that he will be producing and starring in a movie "That Time of the Month" which is set to be released by the end of the year.



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  1. Singer Faith Evans and music producer/Love & Hip-Hop star Stevie J "Wait a Minute" is Faith's first song since releasing 's The King & I.

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