Andre the giant and hulk hogan

WrestleMania Moments: Hulk Hogan slams Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III

andre the giant and hulk hogan

Professional wrestling rivalry. The Andre the Giant–Hulk Hogan rivalry was a professional wrestling rivalry between Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan.

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Andre was literally larger than life. He gave everything to the wrestling business, and died young, all in the service of entertaining the people. He was a lonely, gentle soul, and the movie treats his life with incredible empathy. Talking about Andre the Giant without talking about Hogan is probably impossible, as far as North American fans are concerned. His rivalry with Andre helped cement him as a living legend.

So the only question was, how the hell do you fill up a stadium with that many fans?
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By late , the two most popular stars in wrestling were Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan. They were portrayed as best friends for the past few years. In early , they both received awards on Pipers Pit. When Hulk received an award for being champion for three years, Andre came out and said that "3 years is a long time to be champion". The next week, Andre received an award for being undefeated. Hulk came out to congratulate Andre but Andre walked away. Andre then proceeded to rip Hulk's shirt and crucifix off of him.

The WrestleMania III main event between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant is not only the greatest match ever promoted by Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment; it is also a match that transcended the sport of professional wrestling and made the show destination programming for fans all over the world. Over 90, fans filled the Pontiac Silverdome in suburban Detroit while others packed arenas to watch the match on closed-circuit television. The first truly epic match in WrestleMania's long and illustrious history, the Hogan-Andre match was the epitome of perfect booking and involved two Superstars perfectly suited for a match of that magnitude. With Hogan's three-year title reign on the line against Andre's legendary year undefeated streak, fans knew that something had to give. Would Hulkamania continue to run wild, having defeated the man many considered to be unbeatable, or would Andre the Giant further add to his legacy by toppling Hogan in the biggest match ever? The first of his peers to congratulate him was his friend, the man known as the "Eighth Wonder of the World," Andre the Giant.

Following the match it was revealed that appointed referee Dave Hebner was "detained backstage", and Hogan during his post match interview accused DiBiase of paying someone to get plastic surgery to look like Dave. It was revealed to have been Dave's twin brother, Earl Hebner. The Mega Powers won thus ending the Andre-Hogan rivalry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Professional wrestling rivalry. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Archived from the original on October 15,

Andre the Giant–Hulk Hogan rivalry

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