Ariana grande and aubrey clark

Aubrey Plaza and Director Jeff Baena Reveal the Highs and Lows of Dating Your Creative Collaborator

ariana grande and aubrey clark

Fans Think Ariana Grande CAME OUT After "Thank U, Next" Lyric Mixup

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After breaking things off with fiance Pete Davidson earlier this month, Ariana Grande released a new song called "Thank U, Next" in which she thanked all of her ex-boyfriends for everything they'd done for her. Fans loved the track but couldn't help but notice that, in the Apple Music lyrics of the song, Grande seemed to have already moved on to an unknown girl named "Aubrey. Though the words are a little hard to decipher when listening to the song, Apple Music's lyrics cleared things up Of course, it wasn't long before the singer stepped in to make a correction. It turns out she had said "Ari" in reference to herself.

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By Dailymail. And now the singer has revealed that she gave her former boyfriends Big Sean and dancer Ricky Alvarez a heads up about the song before it's release. One fan tweeted: 'Sean and Ricky hearing they names in thank u next,' alongside a gif of Chris Rock looking confused. Ariana responded to the fan, writing: 'they heard it before it came out,' and adding a heart emoji. The midtempo song Thank U, Next references past splits and expresses gratitude for what she has learned from the relationships. She says she wishes she could thank Malcolm and calls him an angel. The rapper died of a drug overdose in September.

But the year-old actress says she's anything but brave. Every moment of life is full of fear," the "Parks and Recreation" star said in her usual deadpan manner. Plaza plays Brandy Klark, an overachieving high school graduate, in the coming-of-age comedy set in s Boise, Idaho, who tries to complete a sexual to-do list before heading off to college. Just because in my head I thought, 'Oh, we'll probably shoot this in a way where I don't really have to really do it. You know I'm a method actor, so I really was topless, and I think I scarred some of those kids for life. So that was more nerve-racking for them, but they deserved it.

It turns out that Ariana Grande, the singer with a penchant for pleather bunny costumes who had the greatest death scene in Scream Queens , has more substance than you would think. But to be fair, looking at a flow chart of Ariana Grande dating history is actually kind of interesting. But what else does Grande get up to other than dating rappers? Who else does she like to kiss? What does she think of her body? And how did her tongue almost tear America in two? The Ariana Grande sex life biz is a tough one.

TMI Facts About Ariana Grande's Sex Life

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