To the moon and beyond

SSERVI: Serving NASA’s Mission to the Moon and Beyond

to the moon and beyond

To The Moon and Beyond is the title of a special motion picture produced for and shown at the / New York World's Fair. It depicted traveling from Earth.

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Like any trip to anywhere, we need to know certain things before we go. We need to know about the climate and about the resources we can expect to find when we get there. Who is working on finding these answers so that we can go back to the Moon, and travel beyond to NEAs and to Mars? Its main mission is to advance scientific and human exploration of the Solar System. That is, to probe into the origin, evolution, composition and conditions of destinations to which humans may travel in the near future.

What will space exploration look like in , a century after the first moon landing? In the fifth and final episode of podcast series, To the moon and beyond, we speak to space scientists about the missions they are dreaming about and planning for the future. In episode four we heard about plans to establish a base on the moon, potentially mining the lunar surface for minerals and even water that…. It's been 47 years since the last time a man stepped on the moon, and yet now a host of countries -- from the US, to Russia and China -- are racing to send astronauts back there, and set up base. In the fourth episode of The Conversation's To the moon and beyond podcast, we delve into why there's a renewed drive to put humans back on the surface of the moon.

It depicted traveling from Earth out to an overall view of the universe and back again, zooming down to the atomic scale. It was filmed in a Cinerama process using a camera with a single fisheye lens and projected onto a dome screen. The film was narrated by Rod Serling. All through the magic of Cinerama! Stanley Kubrick saw the film at the Fair and was so impressed by its special effects and accurate depiction of scientifically based material he hired Graphic Films as a design consultant on a film he already had in pre-production, A Space Odyssey. They would go on to create storyboards for a portion of the space flight sequences seen in the film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Space Center Houston hosted its second biennial fall luncheon To the Moon and Beyond on Tuesday, Oct. 23, , at the Marriott Marquis in downtown.
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A wheeled vehicle kicks up a haze of gunpowder-grey dust as it makes tracks across undulating terrain. As the rover rounds the imposing sides of a large crater, the astronauts catch the glint of mirrors mounted on its rim. The mirrors beam sunlight into the crater, powering a mining operation to extract water-ice within. On the left, the truck passes a landing pad - flattened out by microwaving the lunar soil - where an ascent vehicle sits waiting to blast into orbit. The astronauts enter their habitat through an airlock and remove their dusty spacesuits.

During the half year the trio were in space, they captured and berthed the first Japanese cargo vessel HTV-2 as well as oversaw the arrival of the Russian Mini Research Module 2 airlock and docking compartment. Exploration for ESA continues its focus as a sustainable and international endeavour to visit new places and discover new things — travelling further and coming back with new experiences and knowledge to help us on Earth. The event marks the start of Space Talks. From 21 June until 31 October , space professionals and enthusiasts will present their research, applications and passions during a Space Talk. You have already rated this page, you can only rate it once!


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  1. Donald Trump wants humans back on the Moon by , as part of a new spacefaring age . But what additional challenges will they face beyond Earth's orbit?.

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