Map of major rivers and lakes in the united states

Rivers of North America

map of major rivers and lakes in the united states

Description: This map shows rivers and lakes in USA. Go back to see more maps of USA. ?. U.S. maps. U.S. maps States Cities Lakes National Parks.

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Hundreds of rivers and their tributaries slice across North America. Here we highlight the major ones, and offer a brief description. It's miles 1, km in length. Churchill: This river of central Canada rises in northwestern Saskatchewan, then flows east into Manitoba, and on into Hudson Bay. It passes through numerous lakes and is known for the rapids along its path. It's 1, miles 1, km in length. Colorado : Beginning in the Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado, it moves southwest, ending in the Gulf of California.

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U.S.A.: Major Rivers and Lakes

A new, unforgettable image is revealing how water flows through every river basin in the United States., Ohio: Formed by the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Ohio flows generally southwest.

USA rivers and lakes map

The new map reveals how rivers connect cities and national parks throughout the country. Rindos, a Yonkers-based illustrator, grew up in Montana near the Yellowstone River , where he spent his childhood rafting, tubing, and fly fishing. I wanted to take something completely natural and structure it as a transit system, because technically these rivers once were and still are a form of transportation. He prioritized rivers key today in shipping and transportation, although left some, like the Potomac River, off the map for aesthetic purposes. The ends of each line generally indicate river sources. Stops on the map are towns and cities along the waterways.



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