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alison brod marketing and communications

Alison Brod

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Alison Brod Public Relations. It seemed fun at first. They play favorites unlike anything I have ever seen Be a show pony. Drink the kool-aid and forget who you were before you arrived which was someone with a soul. Check in with them more often to make sure they are thriving.

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Consider it your pre-vetted primer to all things gorgeous. Currently, ABMC employs about 70 people who represent clients at a time ó one third of them being beauty brands. The majority of the well-manicured staff work out of the impeccably decorated ABMC NYC office, which feels like Willy Wonka for beauty lovers, complete with an open-air product closet and a shampoo room for blowouts. But she also has employees located in Nashville and Los Angeles. The forty-something native New Yorker and mom of two boys! It was serendipitous.

Mostly the resumes she receives are from women. There are complimentary haircuts as well as twice a month manicures provided by OPI , blow outs and spray tanning are also among the perks of the job for the 65 women working there currently. They can also pick from a large supply of free beauty products. SuJin Oh just joined Steinreich Communications in their New York headquarters as the consumer products practice account manager. She has 25 years of experience in journalism and public relations including nearly 10 years with Finn Partners. She also worked at The Asia Society overseeing their media relations, and as a staff reporter at the Korea Times. Her specialties include story development, media strategy, talking points and press material, writing and editing pitches, and media training with clients.

My palms started sweating for Port, and I wasn't even in the room. You could tell right away that Brod was a no-nonsense kind of businesswoman who knows PR like the back of her hand. The fragrance? Oh, just a little brand called Burberry. Brod obliged, and the rest is history, but the perspective she's gained along the way is worth digging out of the archive. Everyone thinks we just plan and go to parties.

Free beauty products, other perks mean this PR firm only employs women

Alison Brod Public Relations is a marketing and PR company that specializes in creative product placement, industry events and reputation management for a range of industries. Over the years, this company has earned a lot of respect from marketplace leaders for its knowledge of the fashion and beauty industry and its ability to launch innovative sponsorship programs, celebrity campaigns and more., Following a chance encounter with a Burberry Fragrances executive in an elevator in , a year-old blonde Tulane University graduate named Alison Brod opened her eponymous public relations firm when the executive signed on as her first client.

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