Kathryn dennis and shep rose

The 'Southern Charm' Season 6 Reunion Trailer Is Here -- Watch! (Exclusive)

kathryn dennis and shep rose

Aug 3, When it comes to the men of Southern Charm — or at least the Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, Shep Rose trifecta — it sometimes feels as if Shep.


Just when you thought the Southern Charm squad had spilled all of their secrets, they had to go and blow our minds with another shocking revelation this season. When Shep Rose and Kathryn C. Dennis revealed that they had not only hooked up in Season 1 but also after Kathryn's daughter Kensie was born in , our jaws promptly hit the floor. Even though Shep and Kathryn have grown closer as friends this season, it seems like there are way more details to be spilled on their romantic history. Lucky for us, Shep appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen just in the nick of time to answer all of your burning questions about their past rendezvous, from how many times they actually hooked up to whether or not they've ever gone on a date, which you can check out in the above clip. So how did they reignite their romance anyway? Shep also confirmed that interesting tidbit involving self-tanner that Kathryn shared earlier this season of Southern Charm.

After the cameras followed Kathryn Dennis' "breakdown" on Bravo's Southern Charm , her costar Shep Rose said she had another one off-air. Talking to People Now , Shep said that he was "very worried" about Kathryn, whose legal issues with Thomas Ravenel, the father of her kids Kensington, 5, and St Julien, 3, were well documented on the show. Thomas was arrested for assault last year, and he and Kathryn are reportedly "locked in a custody battle. Shep didn't go into a bunch of detail about what made Kathryn upset this time around, but he said he's very protective or her and he tried to get her to open up to him by getting breakfast with her. He explained, "And we did, and I'm glad we did that.

On the last season of Southern Charm , we saw a Kathryn Dennis who seemed to be getting herself together. She had more court ordered time with her children, appeared to be maintaining her sobriety and was thinking before acting. Which for Kathryn, was a huge accomplishment. She even calmly deflected arrows shot at her by the appalling Ashley Jacobs , the new girlfriend of her ex Thomas Ravenel. On this season of Southern Charm , Kathryn appears to be reverting back to some of her old bad habits. She has seemed less responsible , more secretive and volatile.

May 16, Back in the day, Kathryn Dennis and Shep Rose had a fling. That was back in Season 1 of Southern Charm, and ultimately the duo never really.
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However, Rose is also known for getting into fights — specifically with Madison LeCroy. Apparently, to some of the other cast members, Rose can feel domineering or overbearing. And, according to Kathryn Dennis, no one typically stands up to him — no one except Madison LeCroy , at least. Craig Conover and Chelsea Meissner got into an explosive altercation on the bus when it was time to head out, and a few of the castmates managed to alienate the now-sober Kathryn Dennis when they planned a weed-fueled dinner. However, the icing on the cake was when Madison LeCroy got into a fight with Shep Rose, and decided to fight a little dirty.

There are few reality stars that are almost universally liked. Although she is not a full-time cast member, Danni leaves her mark on the show by being kind, gracious and loyal. Unfortunately, Danni is not always treated the same way. Loud-mouthed Madison Lecroy alleged on a recent episode that Shep Rose had given Danni chlamydia when they dated. No one deserves that, especially not Danni. Danni has also been a loyal friend to Kathryn Dennis through the years. Even when her co-stars have not supported Kathryn , Danni has been at her side.

Apparently, There's a Lot We Didn't Know About Shep Rose and Kathryn C. Dennis' Romantic Past




Jun 18, Kathryn Dennis' breakdown during a recent episode of Bravo's Southern Charm about possibly becoming a single mom if ex Thomas Ravenel.
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