The lion the witch and the wardrobe chapter 3

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - Part 2, Chapters 3 and 4 Summary & Analysis

the lion the witch and the wardrobe chapter 3

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Chapter 3 - Edmund and the Wardrobe

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Brown Grade 6. Responses should be written in a modified I. Responses should be more than one 1 sentence in length. Be sure to answer all parts of the question. Answers should be written on a separate sheet of paper. Why was Lucy surprised that her siblings hadnt been wondering where she was?

The sometimes-nasty Edmund is particularly sharp in his comments, and Lucy runs off, bursting into tears. Over the next few days, Edmund continues to be nasty, and Lucy comes to question whether her experience actually happened. On another rainy day, however, as the children play hide and seek, Lucy goes into the wardrobe to hide. Edmund sees her and follows her in, determined to make fun of Lucy for her fantasies about the land beyond the wardrobe. Instead, he is surprised to find himself Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

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Chronicles of Narnia Unit Study. Chapter 3: Edmund and the Wardrobe. Lucy returns to her siblings from her adventure inside the wardrobe only to find that they haven't missed her at all - virtually no time has passed.
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Lucy dashes out of Narnia and through the wardrobe, excitedly assuring everyone that she is all right. She is shocked when her siblings declare that she has only been gone for a few seconds. She brings them back to look in the wardrobe to show them the strange world of Narnia, but now it is just an ordinary wardrobe. Peter and Susan tolerantly assume that she is just making up stories, but Edmund spitefully torments her about her fantasy world. On the next rainy day, the children play a game of hide and seek.

Lucy fears that she has been away from the Professor's house for hours and hours, but when she rejoins her brother and sisters, they are confused by her anxiety, because no time at all has passed while she has been in Narnia. Lucy tells them about the magic wardrobe and the forest, and describes the wintry scene that she encountered in Narnia, but when they look in the wardrobe again, they see nothing out of the ordinary. The others pound on the back of the wardrobe, but find nothing. Lucy insists that she is telling the truth, but Peter suggests that she stop making things up. Her siblings worry aloud that Lucy is crazy, and Lucy begins cry.

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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Novel Summary: chapter 3-4

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2. The chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Chapter 3&4


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