Mike and the mad dog

Boomer Esiason rips 'idiots' Mike and the Mad Dog for 'classless' comments

mike and the mad dog

Mike and the Mad Dog was an American radio show hosted by Mike Francesa and Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo, originally aired in afternoons on WFAN in.

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The show featured Francesa and Russo talking about sports and taking phone calls from listeners. From the show was simulcast on television on the YES Network. He caught the attention of Don Imus , who was impressed with his vibrant personality and brought Russo onto the Imus in the Morning show as its sports reporter. Meanwhile, Francesa was a midday and weekend host at WFAN, and was known to be knowledgeable but somewhat dry on-air. Though Imus found a way around the bet, the dialogue between the two is considered to be among the classic moments in the history of Imus in the Morning.

Andrew H. By all accounts the reunion was great, leading once again to speculation that the pair may someday reunite. On Thursday morning, Francesa was a guest on " The Dan Patrick Show " and explained why the greatest sports-radio duo of all time will not be getting back together. Part of it, Dan, is our business has changed dramatically and I don't think our show is economically feasible anymore. There are very few outlets that can afford to pay both hosts of one radio show those types of salaries, and it would have to be a national program, not something local in New York. While Francesa was emphatic that he can't see a reunion happening, he insists it is not because of how they feel about each other.

Sign in. See the list. Title: Mike and the Mad Dog 13 Jul Even though they both brought Long Island accents and encyclopedic sports knowledge to the microphone, they were distinctly different personalities who often clashed on and off the air. But when all was said and done, they changed sports radio forever.

And yet the unlikely pairing thrived, becoming a ratings hit for nearly 20 years and revolutionizing the way America consumes and talks about sports. WFAN got off to a rough start — the programmers recruited national broadcasters, like Greg Gumbel and Jim Lampley, to talk New York sports, which turned out to be a costly miscalculation. The station was bleeding money, and on the brink of extinction. In , Russo and Francesa were paired for the all-important drive-time spot. At the time, there were five full-time sports radio stations in the United States. By , some all-sports stations had launched. Sports gabbing was now a viable business.

But for a while, there was a chance. Not much. But a small one. But I kind of felt that Mike wanted to stay at FAN, finish his career there, and once he decided to do that it became obvious that it was a situation where if Sirius still wanted me I would re-sign. Russo signed a new, four-year contract with SiriusXM last month. Per Newsday :.

Boomer Esiason fires back at ‘classless’ Mike & the Mad Dog

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