Eric clapton and jimi hendrix

When Eric Clapton Met Jimi Hendrix and the Gift That Was Never Received

eric clapton and jimi hendrix

Eric Clapton has spoken to Planet Rock about Jimi Hendrix’s fabled performance with Cream back in During the wide-ranging chat, Eric opened up about Jimi Hendrix’s jam with Cream at Regent Street Polytechnic in London on 1st October – just a week after manager Chas.

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There was a little bit of hesitancy but not a lot and we deliberately put ourselves into a long rehearsal; we rehearsed for a month, every day. We were all really devoted to this because it meant a lot that we were still able to do it. And we were able to do it and when we got on stage at the Royal Albert Hall people stood up and applauded for three minutes — a standing ovation before we played a note — and that was very, very moving and I think we all absorbed that and played out of our hearts. And did I have anything that could compare to this in terms of passion and technique and fun? Listen to this show here. As part of a new collection of music, legendary prog rockers Pink Floyd have unveiled an unseen version of their classic track.

O n the morning of 21 September , a Pan Am airliner from New York landed at Heathrow, carrying among its passengers a black American musician from a poor home. Barely known in his own country and a complete stranger to England, he had just flown first class for the first time in his life. His name was James Marshall Hendrix. There was a story of extreme urgency on the front page and a picture of Hendrix playing at a concert — still ringing in my ears — at the Isle of Wight festival, only 18 days earlier. The text reported how Hendrix had died that morning in a hotel in the street, Lansdowne Crescent in Notting Hill, in which I had been born, and a block away from where I now lived.

What happens when two rock and roll legends meet? He played with his band Cream during that time. Jamming with Cream meant that a musician had to be extremely talented. Combined with Eric Clapton as their guitarist, no one has the skill to upstage Clapton and the band. That is to say, before any of them had met Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix: 'You never told me he was that good'


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