Compare and contrast between personnel management and human resource management

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compare and contrast between personnel management and human resource management

Difference between PM & HRM

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In earlier times, the Personnel Manager of a factory or firm was the person in charge of ensuring employee welfare and interceding between the management and the employees. In recent times, the term has been replaced with HR manager. This article looks at the differences in usage and scope of functions as well as the underlying theory behind these nomenclatures. In the section on introducing HRM, we briefly looked at the main differences. We shall look into them in more detail here.

Post a Comment. Human resource management is the new version of personnel management. There is no any watertight difference between human resource management and personnel management. However, there are some differences in the following matters. Personnel management is a traditional approach of managing people in the organization. Human resource management is a modern approach of managing people and their strengths in the organization.

The main difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management lies in their scope and orientation. While the scope of personnel management is limited and has an inverted approach, wherein workers are viewed as tool. Here the behavior of the worker can be manipulated as per the core competencies of the organization and are replaced when they are worn-out. On the other hand, human resource management has a wider scope and considers employees as the asset to the organization. It promotes mutuality in terms of goals, responsibility, reward etc.

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HRM Vs Personnel Management – Which is Best ? (Infographics)

Personnel Management vs Human Resource Management - class 12

Difference between Personnel Management & HRM

In an organization, a group of people employers and employees work together with a common motive i. There are two basic approaches that employers adopt to manage people or employee in their company. They are. Personnel are those who are employed in the workplace. Personnel management is an administrative function which exists in an organization to ensure right personnel at right organizational activity. It is a traditional approach of managing employees which focuses on adherence to policies and rules of organization.

Difference Between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

Personnel management VS Human resources management :. Although on some key issues- a natural concern for people, and their need, together with finding efficient means to select, train, appraise, develop and reward them, there are some point of dissimilarities between personnel management PM and human resource management HRM. Traditional personnel management tends to be parochial, striving to attend line managers, with a strong proactive stance and a bias towards business. PM has a history of placing emphasis on bureaucratic control often in a reactive sense, i. Some would argue that PM represented a highly compartmentalized system. Personnel are those who are employed in the workplace.

Human Resource Management to elaborate further it is nothing but what we call the HR team of a company, or the Human Resource Team of any company. A human resource that is termed as the most important resource for the development of any organization can help the organization grow and develop well. Hence recruiting appropriate staff, maintaining and managing them and then finally guiding them in the right direction is the most important task of the HR team of any organization. Let us try to understand the term HR and HRM first a little better with the help of definitions and their meanings. It is not possible to get a precise definition for the term HR and HRM, I have three different definitions for you in order to explain that you can understand HR and its functions, however, cannot explain it precisely, well the meanings are more or less the same. All the above definitions and experts mean and focus only on one aspect which is the qualitative and quantitative abilities of the employees working in any organization or company.

Register now or log in to join your professional community. Personnel management deals with employees, their payroll and employment laws. HRM basically deals with developing personnel management skills. It is Human Resources Management that develops a team of employees for an organization. While Personnel management is considered to be reactive, Human Resources Management is stated to be proactive. Personnel management focuses on administrating people or employees. On the other hand, the prime focus of Human Resources Development is to build a dynamic culture.

How do you compare personnel management vs human resource management? Significant difference exists between personnel management and human resource management in terms of scope, approach, and application. Human Resource Management is broader in scope than Personnel Management. The scope of personnel management includes functional activities such as manpower planning, recruitment, job analysis, job evaluation, payroll administration, performance appraisals, labor law compliance , training administration, and related tasks. Human resources management includes all these activities plus organizational developmental activities such as leadership, motivation, developing organizational culture, communication of shared values, and so forth.

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