Distribution of condoms in high schools pros and cons

Schools distributing condoms to students

distribution of condoms in high schools pros and cons

Is it the responsibility of the school system or of the parents to educate teenagers about safe sex? Should condoms be distributed in high schools?.

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Con provides no studies or sources indicating any sort of correlation between age and the improper implementation of condoms, thereby rendering this point speculative and consequently, moot. Con states that the availability of condoms lulls teenagers into a false sense of security regarding intercourse due to the apparent exaggeration of condom effectiveness. In order for this point to hold any weight, Con must provide evidence that a majority of schools misrepresent said effectiveness; otherwise this is again, speculative. Furthermore, the misrepresentation if it existed does nothing to damage the fact that making condoms readily available can in no way increase the risks of sex as it in fact, accomplishes the exact opposite. Philadelphia high schools have made condoms available through a comprehensive school-based health resource center. Sixty-four percent of students questioned at the health centers reported engaging in sex; the same number as students in schools that lack health centers and condom access programs. In Massachusetts, the availability of condoms in schools also did not lead to increased sexual activity.

The topic of sex education always sparks intense debate, and now the conversation may become even more heated. As more public schools from New York to Milwaukee contemplate providing free condoms on campus, students are caught in the crossfire of the debate. Milwaukee Public Schools may soon join the small ranks of public school districts nationwide to provide high school students with access to free condoms. The school district's health officials cite concerns about the spread of sexually transmitted diseases as evidence of the need for a plan to make condoms accessible to students who need them. The proposed plan would allow a student to receive two condoms after a consultation with the school nurse, who would also provide the student with literature pertaining to the risks of sexual activity.

Condoms should be issued in schools. Many students are too embarrassed to go out and purchase condoms for themselves so by issuing them in school, more people will have access to them and they will have safer sex because they now have free protection to use during their sexual activity. When I was in high school I was already having sex, and I know that many of my classmates were having sex as well. If schools would issue condoms out to their students who wanted them I think that would support safer sex and less students would have to worry about doing something foolish like not using protection because they are too scared to get it themselves. Cuz condoms ruin the experience of the dick sliding in to the pussy cuz condoms ruin the experience of the dick sliding in to the pussy cuz condoms ruin the experience of the dick sliding in to the pussy cuz condoms ruin the experience of the dick sliding in to the pussy.

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Among U. These numbers emphasize the importance of condom distribution in high schools for sexually active teenagers. Whether we like it or not, U. As long as this is the case, schools need to help them stay safe. The numbers above strongly suggest that expecting abstinence is not realistic. As teens spend the majority of their time at school, it is the most natural and convenient place for sex education, including condom distribution. As teenagers are beginning to discover their sexual identities , providing condoms in high schools can help them establish the concept of safe sex as the norm and gives them the mandate to be responsible.

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