My baby bumped her head and has a bruise

Minor head injury

my baby bumped her head and has a bruise

baby with a closed head injury (CHI) to the head

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July 03, Sometimes it seems like our children are accident prone - one minute they're up, then bang, the next they're down - with a bump or a bruise to prove it. So how do you treat bumps and bruises? Here's a guide to treating bumps and bruises in children. Bruises occur when there's trauma to the body and the capillaries near the skin are broken.

Minor head injuries are common in people of all ages and rarely result in any permanent brain damage. If your child experiences a knock, bump or blow to the head, sit them down, comfort them, and make sure they rest. They may include:. The most common causes of head injuries are falls , assaults, and road traffic collisions. Most people who attend hospital with a minor head injury are allowed to return home shortly afterwards and will make a full recovery within a few days. After attending hospital with a minor head injury, you'll usually be discharged fairly soon and be able to recover at home. Most people will make a full recovery in a few days.

The following information is for educational purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor. Mama may have called the doctor every time one of those five little monkeys bumped his head, but what do you do when it's your little monkey? The toddler years are full of bumps and bruises, which happen with great frequency as little ones learn to walk and climb on things. Moms with kids at this stage let's talk about the stress of watching your toddlers fall down, what's normal in the way of toddler falls, and what to watch out for when a toddler takes a tumble. As Tarra D.

By Ellen Rosenberg Jul 26, Photo: iStockPhoto. In that split second, the nine-month-old wriggled off her change table and landed, head first, on the floor. Many parents have felt the same sense of panic. Singhal reassures parents that mild brain injuries tend to heal well on their own, without future implications.

What to do when your baby bumps her head

One doctor has some reassuring advice for parents. Kim Smith reports. Her son once fell off the bed and hit his head on the side table.

Head Injury, Age 3 and Younger

Children of all ages are notorious for falling and hitting their heads. In the first couple years of life, children frequently try to walk, run, and climb faster than their coordination allows. As a result, falls and head injuries are a recurrent event. The best way to avoid a head injury is to prevent it. As your child becomes mobile it is important to safety proof their surroundings. Be wary of sharp edges along counters, table tops, and fireplaces.

All parents have hard and fast rules for their kids. In our house, we have some pretty clear rules about helmets. Babies fall. Soccer players take some pretty tough headers. Cross country runners can trip. Here are my thoughts on when to watch a head injury and when to seek help immediately.

Head Bumps and Bruises: When to Worry About Head Injuries

Jump to content. Top of the page Check Your Symptoms. Almost all children will bump their heads, especially when they are babies or toddlers and are just learning to roll over, crawl, or walk. These accidents may upset you, but your anxiety is usually worse than the injury. Most head injuries in children are minor. Bumps, cuts, and scrapes on the head and face usually heal well and can be treated the same as injuries to other parts of the body.




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