Jim and pam wedding youtube video

10 years after viral video, St. Paul's 'JK wedding' couple still dancing

jim and pam wedding youtube video

The BEST Groomsmen Dance EVER!!!!


Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz are still happily married with three children. Heinz and Peterson revisited the internet phenomenon in honor of its 10th anniversary, and admitted that knowing 98 million people have seen their wedding march is still mind-boggling years later. People are so shocked by it. The clip quickly went viral, and was even spoofed on a episode of The Office in which beloved characters Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly finally tied the knot. Knowing all eyes were on them, the couple instead launched a website that urged people to donate to an organization fighting domestic violence.

The groom even somersaulted down the aisle. It was meant to be seen only by a few family members and friends who hadn't been able to make it to the wedding. Heinz said he put the wedding dance video on YouTube because it was really the best option at the time. Peterson remembers it had about 50 when she went to bed. The original idea was much more grandiose. It involved trapezes and Heinz was going to do a roundoff for his big entrance like a cartwheel but landing on two feet instead of one.

"JK Wedding Entrance Dance" is a viral video originally uploaded to YouTube on July 19, , . (VIDEO) Jim & Pam's 'JK' Chris Brown Spoof". 18 March
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You don't have to be royal to put on the best wedding show of all time. The couple, then both 28 , decided to do away with the traditional snoozefest of a wedding entrance. They picked not only a unique soundtrack, but also a unique mode of transportation to make their way down to the waiting pastor. In the most epic usage of "Forever" to date, the new couple made sure that their wedding video would be one that they and several million other people would want to rewatch for many years to come. And watch it they have — Jill and Kevin may have gotten married five years ago, but the video remains one of the most popular YouTube hits of all time. In fact, Time lists the couple's wedding video as one of the top 50 videos on YouTube, and it's sparked spoofs and spinoffs — it even inspired Jim and Pam's wedding episode on The Office which probably garnered Jill and Kevin several million more hits.

The fusion of social and mainstream media is finally complete: not only did Thursday night's "Jim and Pam wedding" episode of The Office feature the meme-tastic 3 Wolf Moon t-shirt, but it also paid tribute to the YouTube hit JK Wedding Dance. The video, which featured wedding guests dancing down the aisle and put Chris Brown back in the charts , was one of the most-shared clips of the year. As we wrote back in July:. It was a pretty remarkable feat for the United Breaks Guitars viral hit to pass 3 million views in just 10 days, but blowing that video out of the water is the breakout wedding reception monster of a web hit: JK Wedding Entrance Dance. But while the Jim and Pam episode garnered 9.

The original upload of the video was the third most popular video on YouTube in , and as of August had been viewed over 98 million times. The video begins with ushers closing the church doors with everything appearing normal, getting ready for the start of a wedding. To the surprise of the audience, the ushers, groomsmen and bridesmaids then progressively dance down the aisle, culminating in the groom, Kevin Heinz, tumbling through the group. Ultimately, Jill Peterson dances down the aisle, eventually met by her husband-to-be. According to Peterson, "[they practiced for] an hour and a half" the Thursday before the ceremony. The video was posted on YouTube a month after the wedding at the request of the bride's father who wanted to share it with relatives who weren't there. Tommy Alsop recorded the video.

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The Office Wedding! (VIDEO) Jim & Pam's 'JK' Chris Brown Spoof



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