Hide and seek dog video

Cheeky dog plays hilarious game of hide and seek with owner after refusing to come inside

hide and seek dog video

karagozvehacivat.com This is a video of a German Shepherd and a puppy competing in what I can only assume are the animal Olympic finals.

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From learning how to teach your dog some impressive, eye-catching tricks to advice on how to get your dog into the media, how to understand canine body language, how to make your dog more alert, how to get fitter with your dog, how to make your dog follow your every move through to guides on how to dog proof your home, how to ensure your dog never accosts a house guest ever again and lots more. Canine hide and seek might sound like a bit of a laugh, but for many dogs, it stimulates integral elements of their natural instincts, such as scent tracking. People lost in avalanches are only too glad that the St Bernard that finds them likes a good game of hide and seek. Now, with our simple steps, you can bond with your dog indoors or out, come rain or shine, playing this fun, obedience orientated and stimulating game that every dog loves to play. Firstly, make sure that your dog is familiar with the stay command, otherwise, this will be a very short game and make sure your helper ensures that your dog abides by the rules and stays put while you disappear just out of sight with a delicious doggy treat in your pocket. Top tip: The great thing about this game is that your dog always gets to win - a huge bonus for dogs that are perhaps a little low in confidence. When you are sure that your dog is aware you're no longer there, he will probably be bursting to come and get his reward so have your helper let him go.

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Simply select Autoship at checkout for easy regular deliveries. Let the games begin! This plush puzzle toy comes with a soft volcano and six squeaky dinosaurs for some hide-and-seek fun.
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This is a modal window. Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Digital Editorial Options Compare Packages. Talent releases on file for all on-camera participants; inquire regarding trademark and other releases. Assoon as this guy got home, he immediately played hide and seek with his English Bull Terrier, Lola.

Videos of man playing hide and seek with his dog go viral

Dogs With Great Sense Of Smell Win At Hide And Seek Game

This is a video of a German Shepherd and a puppy competing in what I can only assume are the animal Olympic finals of hide and seek, which apparently take place in an unfinished living room. They're so good at it I'd almost swear it was straight out of a cartoon if it wasn't so obviously a real life video. You know my roommate and I play some serious hide and seek sometimes. I still deserve a gold medal though because I'm the best at it. Thanks to Charlotte, who agrees you're gonna have to bring your A-game if you expect to compete against these two. I like that the Dachshund actually reversed out from between the chairs at one point to avoid getting caught.



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  1. Playing games with your dog can be really fun for both of you, but there are other reasons to do it, too.

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