Fook me and fook yu

Fook Mi and Fook Yu

fook me and fook yu


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I was watching a telecast of Austin Powers in Goldmember the other day it's repeated again tonight, at p. ET on Encore , and was surprised, when doing my habitual practice of closely reading the final credits, to see a name that was not familiar to me when the film was released in , but is much more familiar now: Carrie Ann Inaba, one of the judges on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. That surprised me. And since I hadn't recognized her, the name she played in this particular Mike Myers spy spoof surprised me even more She plays one of two Japanese schoolgirls -- giggly twins who offer themselves to Myers' shagadelic Austin Powers.

Austin Powers - fook me and fook yu.
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When they told me I got it, I was in my car driving on Wilshire Boulevard. I screamed and then I called my parents. I had a good career before that [including dancing for Prince and dancing in a Gap commercial], but nothing that high-profile. A summer blockbuster franchise movie with Mike Myers it was such a fun project. I knew Carrie Annbecause I started as a dancerso I called her up.

We have. At that point did you decide to pursue more work together? Actually, we were just hired in a large group of dancers. And then this Austin Powers thing came about. I was called in by my agent to audition and I got called back to meet the director.

Fook Mi asked for an autograph, she told him several times her name and he kept taking it the other way "Oh, behave, baby! He did the same with Fook Yu before he found out she was Fook Mi's sister "You're going the right way for a smacked bottom, I don't care who knows it! He checked off one of the things on his bucket list of having a threesome with Japanese twins and enjoyed it as the two girls gave him a "top secret massage". Unfortunately for Austin, they left when Basil Exposition showed up with the news that his father had been kidnapped. They also appear in a deleted scene from Austin Powers in Goldmember.

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Austin Powers - fook me and fook yu



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