American flag and cross tattoo

55 Heroic American Flag Tattoos

american flag and cross tattoo

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A flag is a symbol of patriotism. You may have seen a lot of people tattooed with American Flags and often in a theme of war. The American Flag Tattoo is a reminder of our great nation and symbolic meaning of the elements on the flag. The thirteen stripes 7 red stripes and 6 white stripes represent thirteen colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. The white color on the flag signifies purity and innocence; the red signifies hardiness and valor; and blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

Ever since the Flag Resolution was passed by The Second Continental Congress on June 14, , the American flag has been a symbol known all around the world. For more than two-hundred years and counting, it has stood for more than freedom and liberty, but also the unity and might of our nation. With thirteen white and red strips, and thirteen stars to match across a blue field, the Flag Act literally came to life in vivid color. It is hard not to be drawn into the commanding Betsy Ross design, which by the way is credited to Francis Hopkinson. White is purity, while blue is the notion of freedom and justice for all. However, you might be surprised to know the flag you see today has gone through more than just two changes over the years. The truth is, a forty-eight star flag reigned over the nation for close to fifty years before the new version with one additional star took over on July 4,

The only thing that can top that is a tattoo of a glorious bald eagle waving the American flag. American flag tattoos are very specific tattoo designs, which obviously only hold appeal to those who live in the US. They are usually on full display, inked in body parts easily seen by everyone. One of the greatest acts of showing love for the country is serving in the military. It shows respect for fallen comrades and serves as a constant reminder of the friendships and bonds forged while in the military.

Top 60 Best Cross Tattoos For Men A Symbol Of Faith And Heritage

This is the ideal American flag tattoo for men who want something that will speak volumes about their patriotism and loyalty to their country on their bodies. The tattoo depicts an American flag that is best drawn on the upper arm. The flag appears to be flapping in the wind. This is the ideal American flag tattoos design for the guys who want a 3-D tattoo that best expresses their patriotism. The tattoo depicts an eagle perched on a tree branch with an American flag appearing to be wrapped around it. One of the American flag tattoos for men that employs the use of several images to give it a complex yet authentically exquisite artistry look.

No surprise, since tattoos have always been in existence for identification purposes. Brief history What does it mean? Independent American flag The flag and a bald eagle The flag and the army The flag with text The flag and other ideas Tattify Custom Temporary Tattoos Temporary tattoos usually last up to 2 to 5 days depending on the applicable area. Order Now USD The flag of the United States of America has become one of the most recognized flags all over the world. Its identifying factors are the red and white stripes alternating horizontally and a blue rectangle with fifty, five-pointed stars. The main reason why someone would have the banner of their country tattooed to their body is patriotism.


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