Can i check my immigration status with my name

Can I Check My Immigration Status With My Alien Number?

can i check my immigration status with my name

According to the USCIS, you should receive a receipt number for your immigration application within thirty days of submission. In a normal.

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It takes time USCIS to process your case, so it's important to keep track on the status to ensure that your petition or application is processed in a timely manner and to check to see if there are any issues that may cause a delay in the processing of your case. USCIS receives thousands of petitions and applications every year so processing times vary depending on the type of case you've filed and where you've filed it. You can check the processing times of the field offices, service centers, and National Benefits Center here: Processing Times. Some petitioner and applications can take several weeks to be approved and others can take several months to process. You can call them whether or not you have a receipt number.

You can check the status of your green card application in several ways:. You can also track the progress of your application before filing either of these forms the green process consists of multiple steps requiring different forms, not just the I and DS Boundless currently helps couples apply for a marriage-based green card. Learn more , or check your eligibility for free. Checking online is by far the easiest way to track the status of your green card application. But the right place to look depends on whether you applied from within or outside the United States.

The immigration system is notoriously slow. At least USCIS offers various procedures by which you can check the status of your petition or application. petitioner and beneficiaries' names, the date of filing, whether your filing fee check has.
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According to the USCIS, you should receive a receipt number for your immigration application within thirty days of submission. In a normal situation, the receipt number is all you need in order to follow up with your application. If there are certain issues that arise on your application, you will not be getting the receipt number in a timely manner. More than likely, you must check your immigration status by name instead of receipt number. Their toll-free number is The four service centers are as follows: California Service Center: csc-ncsc-followup dhs. Set up a meeting with an immigration officer.

Checking on the Status of Immigration Cases

When you apply to immigrate to the United States, you may have to wait weeks or even months before you hear anything back after you've filed your application. - By Ilona Bray , J. If you have applied to immigrate to the United States, most likely under either the family-based green card category or the employment-based green card category , you might find that you have to wait several weeks or months to hear back from the office processing your case.

Check Status

Whether you want to apply for citizenship in the United States, are seeking a green card or work visa, want to bring a family member to the U. You can also find out about your status by phone, or make an appointment to discuss your case with a USCIS official in person. You'll need to sign up for either an account for yourself if you are seeking the status of your case, or as a representative of someone else if you are checking on a relative who is in the immigration process. Whether you're applying yourself or for a family member, you'll need basic information such as official name, date of birth, address, and the country of citizenship to answer security questions during the registration process. Once you've signed up, you can log in, enter your character application receipt number, and track progress of your case.

How to Check Your Green Card Application Status

Immigration status can be checked with application receipt number from the U. Citizen and Immigration Services, not an alien number. An alien number cannot be used to check on your immigration status. If you do not have the receipt number available, call USCIS at and explain your situation. Visitors to the U. When any application is made to the USCIS, the agency will respond with an application notice that will bear an application receipt number.





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