Can you use brake cleaner to clean electrical contacts

WD-40 as contact cleaner...???

can you use brake cleaner to clean electrical contacts

I understand that there is a purpose made cleaner for electrical components but if it's 11pm and I would not use brake clean for connectors!!!.

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View Full Version : Can I use brake cleaner to clean electronic parts?? Title pretty much says it all. The mobo and everything else is in the case and I'd rather not take it all apart. I got rid of the bugs but the thing is still full of their crap, it stinks, and it'll probably burn the computer up if I tried to run it like that for very long! I was hoping I could take the whole thing case and all across the street to the convenience store where they have an air compressor, take my can of brake cleaner and just soak the hell out of everything. Repeat until can of brake cleaner is exhausted.

Please login or register. Member Online Posts: Brake Cleaner vs Electrical Contact Cleaner??? I was planning on using some brake cleaner as a degreaser but I'm wondering if it will be too harsh on the plastics? What about electrical contact cleaner instead? Should do a similar job but is listed as plastic safe except for styrene.

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I had a friend who was an engineer for a small TV station. I was working for a video production studio at the time, so there was a fair amount in common about our jobs. One of the regular chores we faced was cleaning the heads on tape machines. He had a 5-gallon pail of cleaning solution under his bench that he told me was Freon, which he swore by for head cleaning and general contact cleaning. He gave me some for my shop in a little jar. I never knew for sure if that stuff was Freon, but it was the mids, shortly before CFCs were banned, so it might have been.

Discussion in ' The Garage ' started by Jeffro , Apr 4, Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. What the heck is contact cleaner?

Down And Dirty With Contact Cleaners

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