You can t judge a book by its cover speech

Dont Judge a Book by the Cover Essay

you can t judge a book by its cover speech

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover - Storytime


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It is very easy to fall into the trap of looking only at the surface of people, things, and ideas without taking the time and effort to delve deeper into them. Literally, you cannot tell the quality of the contents of a book just by looking at the material used to hold it together. A book with a plain cover and simple title may be more important, more entertaining, or more useful than a book bound in a flashier manner. This metaphor can be extended to many situations in life. Perhaps the best example is the relationships between people. If you see a beautiful woman or man , would you immediately pursue them before an average looking person? In many cases, a person looking for a significant other would.

It has been said in many ways that the true meaning of a book cannot be judged by looking at its cover alone. This is true for more things than tomes at a library, including people. No one can truly know the characteristics of the person they are talking to, and sometimes a great deal is missed, just by failing to take the time and look beyond the outside appearances. Far too often, our assumptions about people are based on our previous experiences, and what we see; often important details are hidden from sight during the initial impressions. Just about everyone has made a snap decision based on these incomplete impressions. We profile people based on whether or not they wear their hair a certain way, or if their shirt is tucked in or loose, or sometimes even if they are wearing a tie or a t-shirt. Our actions, or inactions, and how we treat these people are often influenced by these simplistic and often inaccurate first impressions.

Never judge a book by its cover is a saying the meaning is never Judge someone or something by what they look like. If you didn't play with a person when they.
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The gross-looking brown apple just may be a delicious one, or beyond that old and peeling storefront there may be gorgeous clothes. We can never know what lies beyond the exterior until we check it out. If one spoke badly about another, his very home would be covered in horrible spots. If the kohen declared the home to be impure, the house would be destroyed. All this fuss about the spots and destruction would bring the man to completely repent—and then, sometimes, something super-cool would happen after that.

Too often, people and things are being misjudged because of the outward appearance in possession. The concept of misconstruing is practiced in every moment of our days. Considering that this type of behavior is experienced in every moment of our lives. Carrying this kind of behavior to the working stations. Rewinding back to an era where women were seen best when performing domestic services.

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover. The inspirational story below illustrates the amazing potential that lies within each and every one of us. These beautiful words remind us not to move to judgment quickly, but rather to seek the hidden potential even in those many others have given up on. By Jim Hullihan Some people are just doomed to be failures. That's the way some adults look at troubled kids.


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