Painting in ferris buellers day off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

painting in ferris buellers day off

Ferris Bueller's day off - Museum scene

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Some of our favorite characters in film may hold down day jobs. They may be students, professors, doctors, or lawyers by trade, but secretly they are artists. Whether they say so on screen or not, it resonates with us. I can spot a fellow artist in a crowd, as well as in film. Watch as Artiholics salutes some of your favorite film characters for the secret artists they really are, but would most likely never claim to be. Ferris Bueller is an artist.

These films explored the challenges of being a teenager, and all the emotional instability that accompanied that difficult time. Hughes followed those with two more teen films, Weird Science and Pretty in Pink, then many many more as the years went by. I will instead focus on one particular scene in the movie, the museum scene. This scene is, in my very informed opinion, the greatest scene in any movie from the s with regard to the range of feeling associated with it. If you need a refresher, watch the scene again. It is beautifully scripted, acted, and accompanied by both visual and musical nuances, and it plumbs the depth of the innocence we lose when transitioning into adulthood.

If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. The style of the scene more closely resembles a music video than a feature film, with its unusual lengthy close-ups, lack of dialogue and dreamy background music. You had to be in the moment in order for them to matter. Unlike Ferris and Sloane, who remain happy and carefree throughout the film, Cameron is constantly wrestling his inner demons. Inching closer to the canvas with each cut, the camera is eventually so close to her face that it is no longer identifiable as such. When he comes out of that painting, he will not be the same. Just as the little girl in the painting faces a different direction from everyone around her, Cameron is experiencing life differently from his peers and particularly his best friend.

How Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Perfectly Illustrates the Power of Art Museums

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