Does free from 106 and park have a baby

Does free from 106 and park have kids?

does free from 106 and park have a baby

In , there were rumors that Jay Z had fathered a love child with Free, the popular co-host of BET show & Park. Both sides vehemently.

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Remember A. They were able to bring back a flava that had been missing ever since Video Soul and from to , they held it down for BET in that arena. If you remember that, then you also remember their tearful departure in , when Free abruptly left the show and then phoned into the show live on air the next day to bid her goodbyes to A. AJ cried on camera that day, as the audience watched in shock that their favorite hosts were no more. Free moved on to becoming a radio personality and other ventures. Aside from A.

There is no public information if Free had a baby or not. Yes they are. Free from and Park how old is her child now, and what is she doing with herself for Marie wright. Free's real name from and Park is Marie Antoinette Wright. And then he dumped her when things got out. Free has been hosting the show since

The perfect world of the king and queen of pop world - Jay Z and Beyonce is after all not so perfect. Pic: Getty Shocking secrets and scandals of drug addiction, steamy affairs and a hidden love child tatter their perfect picture. Former Miss Belgium Claudia Scheelen claimed that Jay Z bought her drink and flirted heavily with her during a night out in Antwerp last month. She later denied it on her Twitter account. Both sides vehemently denied a hookup. Nothing more happened than that, and Jay Z never commented. Ora denied it.

Marie Antoinette Wright born February 7, , better known by her stage name , "Free", is an American media personality , television producer , choreographer and philanthropist. She was later a disc jockey at KKBT She became involved in the arts as a child in Boston, MA. She attended the Roxbury Center for Performing Arts for 11 years and traveled and toured as part of a young dance troupe. Inspired by hometown group New Edition , she was part of a few groups in Boston performing and winning talent shows, while honing her singing and rap skills. One of her biggest breaks in her dancing career was performing in the rap music video "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Did Beyonce Make BET Shut Down 106 & Park Over Blue Ivy Joke?!

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