How does the bible explain dinosaurs

Dinosaurs in the Bible?

how does the bible explain dinosaurs

What about the Dinosaurs?

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Perhaps the most frequent questions asked of me related to the age of the earth are these: What do Christians say about dinosaurs? How do Christians account for dinosaurs and the death we observe in the fossil record? There seems to be something contradictory about the archeological record of dinosaur life, and the biblical record of creation. This apparent contradiction exists for a number of reasons, and as a community, we need to talk about them so we can move forward to accurately evaluate the natural and special revelation God has given us. The first issue seems to be the uncomfortable silence in the Biblical creation account when it comes to dinosaurs. But the argument from silence is really not a fair argument to make here, as it assumes the short Biblical creation account exists to provide humans with a concrete scientific chronology, when it exists for no such purpose.

It is the most dramatic and important opening of any chapter of any book. Given as a declaration of fact, the first verse of Genesis covers the creation of time, space, and matter in a single sentence; a solitary breath. Thus began the world and everything in it. Today, we continue to discover physical evidence of many creatures that no longer exist, including reptiles known as dinosaurs. Their skeletal remains give us a glimpse into the structure and size of these remarkable animals. Yet the controversy rages: Did these creatures evolve into existence and eventually become extinct millions of years before humanity stepped onto the scene of world history? Or were humans and dinosaurs created by God; co-existing for centuries before saurian extinction?

Was there ever a time when men and dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time? Unfortunately, many professing Christians have capitulated to this viewpoint. One writer has declared:.
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Those who have collected dinosaur remains in the Midwest plains of Canada and the United States or in the Colorado Plateau region have no lingering doubt concerning their reality. Thousands of specimens have been found and excavated, thereby debunking the first theory mentioned. The second theory comes from those who see the dinosaur bones, but feel there is no direct Biblical supporting evidence for their creation. Theory number three, is one that is rather plausible and even supported in the Bible. Would God have created dinosaurs? Why is there no mention of dinosaurs in the Bible, especially the creation account? In Creation, there are many creatures that were not mentioned by name that do exist.

Where Do the Dinosaurs Fit?

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What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?





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