Thick thighs save lives meaning

5 Ways Thick Thighs Save Lives

thick thighs save lives meaning

Thick thighs save lives

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RSS Feed. Thick Thighs Save Lives Have you heard of the Thigh Gap movement? I promise. Google "thigh gap" that simple.

You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Thick Thighs Save Lives , sometimes abbreviated as TTSL , is a catchphrase typically used in praise of women with voluptuous figures, who are often referred to as "thicc". Online, the rhyming slogan is often paired with the phrase "but thigh highs are my demise. On December 19th, , the health blog BlackDoctor. In July , Tumblr [1] user adultures published a webcomic in which the Overwatch character Reaper tells the character Mercy "thick thighs save lives" shown below. Within two years, the video gained over , views and comments.

And why is that? As a tall, proportioned and fairly fit size 12 with both dangerous curves and a rapier wit, I consider myself quite well-rounded—mentally and physically. You know, because we love a side of body-shaming with our steak.
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Those are all real statements from women who were considered to have an larger than average thigh size. Some women reading this may be able to relate. But the medical fact of the matter is, thicker thighs can be healthy. For real. Each participant provided a detailed health history and each underwent comprehensive examinations that included measurements of height, weight, and thigh, hip, and waist circumferences, as well as body fat percentage, which was determined by the highly accurate impedance method.

First things first, God bless thick thighs. Although there is an overwhelming controversy on thigh gaps versus thick thighs, I love all shapes and sizes. The fact that you can be confident in your body is a blessing within itself. With saying that, we are going to pay tribute to the thick thighs. Standing up, our thighs are lusciously shaped. They are round, fluent, and flirtatious.

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Things Only Women With Thick Thighs Understand





Something people with thick thighs say to attempt to reassure themselves that they don't just have fat thighs.
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