Why do we need to conserve resources class 10

Why Do We Need to Conserve Energy?

why do we need to conserve resources class 10

Jun 19, We need to conserve our Natural Resources because it is the main source of our daily needs. We need to conserve it because they are limited.

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All natural resources are essential for the existence of life, therefore it is very important to conserve such vital resources. Conservation is the most efficient and most beneficial utilization of natural resources. There are three important objectives of conservation:. Following steps should be taken to ensure the conservation of natural resources:. Your email address will not be published. Need of Conservation All natural resources are essential for the existence of life, therefore it is very important to conserve such vital resources. There are three important objectives of conservation: To maintain the essential ecological process and the life support systems such as air, water, land, flora and fauna.

Land, raw materials and fossils are our natural resources. They developed into their full form when left untouched by human beings in the shade of nature. Each and every resource is essential for living beings, be it humans or trees we all use these resources for our selfish purposes. Many of the natural resources are important for our survival. But lately it has been noticed that our natural resources are vanishing slowly because of the way we human beings are using or say misusing our natural resources. We need to conserve these natural resources before; they vanished totally which will for sure have a huge effect on our lives.

Natural resources are those resources that are made available to us by nature. Sunlight, air, water and minerals are some of the examples of natural resources. While some of the natural resources are renewable others are non-renewable. It is essential to conserve natural resources so that they can be used for longer period. The need to conserve the natural resources has been emphasized time and again. If we continue to exploit natural resources at this pace we will end up creating an imbalance in the environment. Here are essay on Conservation of Natural Resources of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam.

We people waste a lot of energy in our daily usage either by not turning the lights off when not in use or by utilizing old and inefficient appliances that consume large amount of energy or by not switching off the vehicle engine when the light is really long. Energy needs to be conserved not only to cut costs but also to preserve the resources for longer use. As of today, most of the energy is generated from coal powered power plants. These plants do generate energy but also pollute the environment by emitting harmful gases in the atmosphere. These toxic gases are just not only harmful to the environment but also cause serious health concern to humans and animals. Air pollution therefore is one of the serious environmental issues that we are facing today.

Water is probably the most important substance for preserving life. In fact, scientists looking for evidence of life on other planets regard the presence of water as a vital clue. In developed nations we tend to take water for granted because it flows easily out of the tap. But we are rapidly depleting the global supply of fresh water, and this reality could potentially have dire consequences. Our bodies need water to function properly. According to Water. The plants and animals we eat require water as well, so water crises inevitably become food crises.

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Explain the importance of conservation of resources?

Here are a few important facts about water on this planet from the U. Department of Interior's Bureau of Reclamation :. - Natural resources may be living or non-living. Their value may be tangible, such as the price of an ounce of gold, or intangible, like the psychological value of being able to visit pristine natural areas.

Why do we need to conserve resources?

At some point, the metals that we are mining , the minerals we're extracting, and the various other resources we are exploiting will all deplete. We don't know exactly when, but we do know the approximate amounts of these resources that are available to us. Conservation of resources is important because we want to make sure we can keep those resources available for as long as possible and have as much use for them as possible. It's extremely bad to throw a lithium ion car battery into a landfill because a it releases extremely toxic materials, and b it's very expensive to mine lithium because it's getting increasingly rare most car batteries are recycled for this reason. If we paid no attention to conservation, we'd run out of lithium and have nothing left to make car batteries.

Conservation means usage, improvement, protection of human and natural resources in a wise manner. It is also the restoration of cultural heritage, protection and restoration of cultural heritage, including works of art and architecture, as well as archaeological and historical artefacts. Conservation of resources can help to take care of our heritage. We can care for and protected for the benefit, use and enjoyment of the public today and for generations to come. Our Natural Resources should be conserved because it is the main source of our daily needs and is limited only. If these resources are abused and harmed, we will have a short quantity of sources for food and living. We all know that due to the cutting of trees in mountains, the rain that falls on the mountain will not be absorbed by the trees, then it can cause mudslides that can affect those who live on the mountainside.



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