Clash of clans town hall 11 war base

Clash of Clans hybrid base layout for Town Hall 11

clash of clans town hall 11 war base


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Clash of Clans is a war game that focuses on strategy and management skills. The game progresses to be more and more difficult and need more careful plans and clever strategies. You crush others or get crushed. So, here are the coc bases for TH11 Base. You need excellent strategies and clever planning to create the best from what you have. But sometimes people tend to make mistakes and ignore some factors which may be important.

Throughout the course of time, Supercell has introduced many updates. Main patch notes can be found here: New Levels and Balancing. Optional update - fixed bug where players in the trophy range in Legend League through the old matchmaking system were unable to sign up. Main patch notes can be found here: Bigger Wars and Top Scores. Main patch notes can be found here: New Levels and Balance Changes. Main patch notes can be found here: In-game Economy Changes. Main patch notes can be found here: QoL improvements for Next Update.

Clash of Clans is one of the most played game which focuses on strategy making and skill making and it makes a person implement his plans with clever strategies. If you want to win this game then you have to make excellent Strategies and accurate planning to do the best out of resources you have. If you want to crush others then you can use th 11 war base which is one of the amazing levels in Clash of Clans. If you are looking for the best layouts and war bases then we will provide you the collection of best th 11 war base, th 11 farming base, and layouts so that you can select the best for yourself. If you want to go ahead in this game then you have to make clever strategy and avoid all the mistakes which lead you towards destruction. This war base will prevent other players from targeting the core of your area because this base works wonders and it prevents attackers because of anti-dragon strategies. If you make use of the most powerful techniques such as GoWiWi then you can ultimately beat your enemies.

14+ Best TH11 War Base Designs in 2019 | Anti 2 Stars

BEST NEW TH11 WAR BASE 2019! with Proof! Best Base + CWL Tested in 15 Wars Clash of Clans COC

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You think you're ready to prevail over any opponent that comes your way? For sure you also want to score those 3 stars when you go to war? Good news, you can absolutely do that! Our community gathered the best TH11 war base layouts in Clash of Clans for you to set up the best defenses. Check them out! Over warships, carriers and destroyers ó you're in command as epic clashes rage across the seas. Realistic free-to-play MMO action tests your strategy, tactics and toughness!

Many people think that the base is not that important in Clan Wars because you have 2 attacks but only 1 base ó so you can get 6 Stars by only losing 3 Stars. I will show you here a frequently updated TH11 War Base and also explain to you why this design works so well instead of listing dozens of different layouts like other websites. The Town Hall in this base is not extremely exposed, this will help especially in Clan War Leagues when attackers only have one try to 3-Star your base. The Town Hall is protected by an Inferno Tower, double layer walls and several traps to prevent any suicide heroes going for the easy takedown. The base has multiple regions with one being an outside perimeter with a lot of buildings that just eat time off the clock of the attacker and making him not get the 3-Star in time.

Your search for best town hall 11 war base designs ends here. Here we now have a quite intriguing war base I love. This design has many disadvantages for its attacker. Queen together with Healers are some thing that you see from most wars these days. This village counters it well with having two point guards about the Archer Queen plus sporadically an X bow, this may force the attacker to utilize a lot of Rage Spells to help keep the Queen living and usually enough it fails in the event the healer AI puts attention on the Warden rather than Archer Queen. The idea guards will keep a whole lot of strain on the Queen, however, the Single-Target Inferno Towers are still in rather uncomfortable places for its attacker.

clash of clans town hall 11 war base. good war base for town hall Queen together with Healers.
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