Srixon q star vs z star

TESTED: Srixon Q-Star Tour golf balls

srixon q star vs z star

Golf Spotlight 2018 - Srixon Q-STAR TOUR Balls

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Srixon has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers in the golf industry over the last decade. Srixon manufacture very high-quality equipment, but they are known in particular for the wide range of golf balls that they produce. The Srixon line of golf balls caters to players of all levels with a variety of swing speeds. Srixon Q Star it is safe to assume that the Q Star will emerge as the better golf ball. The majority of Srixon sponsored professional players choose to play with the Z Star. This new technology utilized in the core of the Z Star sees a core that has a soft center that becomes increasingly harder around its edges.

Tour B vs. ChromeSoft vs. Z-STAR vs. TP5 and so on. Again, lots of balls sold, but the OEMs are the only ones keeping score. No Guesswork.

Provides tour-caliber distance and greenside spin for skilled players with moderate swing speeds.
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The three balls—Srixon Z-Star, Srixon Z-Star XV and Srixon Q-Star Tour—are aimed at three different swing types, but all feature redesigned cores, a new dimple pattern and an upgraded cover coating designed to improve friction on short shots. The chief improvements over the versions of these balls are these:. Dimple pattern: Both balls use a new dimple pattern that reduces drag for better downrange carry. The new pattern uses five dimple sizes to improve the relationship between the uniformity of the dimples and the occupancy or surface coverage. The softer coating allows the cover to stretch more at impact to create greater friction and more spin on short greenside shots. The guys that are really sensitive in those kinds of shots tend to be Z-Star guys because of a slightly softer cover and feel. Brunski also makes the point that while the high swing speed player may see more ballspeed with the XV, certain of those players may get better launch conditions and end up hitting it farther with the Z-Star.

A significant number of those guys focus on golf. Despite being in the top 2 in ball sales in Japan, Srixon is in a pack of challengers chasing Titleist and Callaway in North America. Is this the start of a downward price trend for golf balls? Maybe, but it is a clear sign Srixon is gunning for market share. What that means is both balls have rubber cores that are firmer on the outside and softer on the inside. Srixon, like rubber brother Bridgestone, has figured out how to bake their cores at higher temperatures for shorter periods. The end result is like a seared steak — well done on the outside but still rare in the middle.

And this is one of the standouts I have tried. The Q-Star Tour is extremely soft off the face throughout the bag, especially with the putter, and performs well in distance, spin and consistency. The ball noticeably softer than the two top models all the way from driver to putter, but unlike some other low compression balls the Q-Star Tour certainly kept up in distance. My swing speed is a little higher than the target player the Q-Star Tour is designed for, but I still found that on iron shots the difference in distance versus a premium golf ball model was extremely minimal, and the Q-Star Tour was sneaky long off the tee. The launch angle is certainly on the higher side, but the spin is low and consistent, which meant I not only continued to hit my normal clubs from standard distances but my accuracy with the Q-Star Tour was outstanding. However, this is no surprise for a ball aimed at players with slower swing speeds than Tour players, with accuracy, distance, spin and consistency more important factors. The slightly higher ball flight of the Q-Star Tour continued around the greens where the ball felt like it wanted to go straight up off the clubface.

Srixon Z-Star, XV and Q-Star Tour offer three options off the tee, all with greenside control

First Look: Srixon Z-STAR/Q-STAR TOUR Balls


Golf ball review comparing the Srixon Z-Star vs Q-Star. These are two of Srixon's most popular models. Despite a big difference in price they have a lot of.
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