Its all about love 2003


its all about love 2003

It's All About Love is the story of two lovers and their attempts to save their relationship in a near-future world on the brink of cosmic collapse. John, and.

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This cool, contemplative, artfully composed meditation on the possible state of the world some 20 years hence deals with grand, philosophical issues in ways that are variously thoughtful, fanciful and superficial. Vinterberg has put one foot in the romantic thriller genre here, no doubt in the hope that time-tested Hitchcockian narrative tropes will supply enough dramatic oomph to make this ambitious undertaking a commercial picture. At the same time, the most ardent admirers of the raw, truth-telling qualities of Dogma will no doubt be disappointed by the traditional brand of beautiful craftsmanship on display here. What single story could they possibly invent that would organically and excitingly convey their urgent thoughts on cloning, multinational corporate control over artists, global winter, the transient nature of modern life, the death of love and the possible loss of gravity from a hole in the sky over Africa that causes Ugandans to float upward? Above all, the filmmakers are rather touchingly devoted to the theme of the difficulty of maintaining individuality in the technological world, a legitimate and sympathetic subject that gives the picture its one point of emotional entry.

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I was excited about the film, but I was equally excited about decades of Vinterberg masterpieces to come. If he could accomplish so much while adhering to the rigorous set of aesthetic strictures he helped create as one of the architects of the Dogme movement, I could only imagine what he'd be capable of with no restrictions whatsoever. Then something curious happened. That something was nothing. Vinterberg was inundated with scripts and offers from money people eager to get into the Thomas Vinterberg business, but nothing struck his fancy.

Sign in. See the list. Title: It's All About Love The lives of two families change forever after a fatal tragedy takes place on Reservation Road. Two brothers meet at their mother's funeral, each in his way on a path of self-destruction, both haunted by a tragedy in their youth. A newspaper photographer researches an double homicide and finds her own life paralleling that of a witness who survived the tragic ordeal. Leo is released from prison after serving time for car theft.

Its narrative can be classified as apocalyptic science fiction , but Vinterberg prefers to call it "a dream". The production was led by Denmark's Nimbus Film , but the film was largely an international co-production, with involvement of companies from nine different countries in total. It was very poorly received by film critics. The film was written, directed, and produced by Thomas Vinterberg over a period of five years. It was produced through Nimbus Film. At a certain point during production Vinterberg called up Ingmar Bergman and asked him to come and help him finish the film, as he felt he could not complete it himself. Vinterberg recalled that:.

Itís All About Love

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