Steven universe i am pink diamond full episode

Steven Universe Se 5 Ep 25 Full Ep | Rose Quartz= Pink Diamond 2018

steven universe i am pink diamond full episode

Steven Universe: Blue and Yellow Diamond Explore Earth


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Every run of Steven Universe Beach City episodes gets followed by some climactic events tearing open part of our understanding of the broader Steven Universe mythos. Is this what you were expecting? It feels inevitable that Lapis will show up during a climactic moment of confrontation toward the end of the season, so her abandonment of Steven still feels like an inevitable step on a path toward the more-stable conclusion of her longer arc—think Peridot stealing the Diamond communication device from the moon base, but a little less funny and slightly less compelling. As often happens on this show, though, the relative levity goes out the window as soon as Steven has a vision of the Diamonds. With those five words, Steven Universe confirms a long-standing fan theory—that Rose Quartz was, in fact, Pink Diamond—and opened the door to a whole bunch of new questions. Was there ever a real Rose Quartz, or did Pink Diamond start the rebellion herself in disguise?

A Single Pale Rose

‘Steven Universe’ Showrunner Says Fans Are ‘Astonishingly On Point’ About White Diamond

More than the others, Pearl has always been trapped in the past. But even Pearl recognizes that something about herself is skewed. Even after over three millennia, Pearl still thinks of herself as little more than a meat shield. She constantly doubts her own self-worth, and her need to justify her actions and her place on the team creates friction with her fellow gems. She lies to Garnet so they can fuse and almost destroys their friendship. She constantly belittles Amethyst and refers to the Kindergarten with disgust, making Amethyst act out. Why did Pearl believe she really knew what Rose was thinking?

This confident, self-assured version of Lars is a far cry from the petty, insecure donut shop worker he was first introduced as way back in the Steven Universe pilot. Similar to Captain Lars, this Stevonnie is a clear evolution from the person they used to be when first introduced. Whatever self-doubts or insecurities Stevonnie might have once had about their ability to fight is significantly downplayed, and instead we see a version of Stevonnie who very well could come to lead the Crystal Gems. After crash-landing on an abandoned moon once colonized by gems, a very Indiana Jones-like Stevonnie sets out on a mission for survival as they wait for Lars to locate them on the surface. Stevonnie encounters a diverse array of organic life, suggesting that not all gem settlements were completely detrimental to natural life, and takes refuge for the night in a large enclosure that feels oddly familiar.

Steven Universe’s “Familiar” is an episode that’s all too like the ones before

The hiatus is officially over. Obviously, Pink was the favorite child. Which Yellow and Blue seem to resent. And so in order to try to draw White out of her head, and bring the family back together, Steven decides…to throw a party. The other notable aspect of the episode are the Pebbles.

Blue is disgusted at Steven and Connie for fusing into Stevonie, but Steven feels no remorse. He believes in himself and in fusion, as do the Crystal Gems. When I was first coming out, one of my family members told me to my face I was going to hell. She said it like it was nothing, like it was obvious. In those days, I lived in Cambridge, Mass.

Her basic profile is basically what people expected but all the detail put into her is so unlike a Steven Universe character she stands out immediately. Those feet do not belong to any SU character. Nobody in this show has nails or even distinct heels. She feels like a permanent fixture in her throne room, a living part of Homeworld itself. Her facial features are also pitch black on a figure that is otherwise pure white to light gray. All of this comes together to create a being so foreign in their own show she sears her image into your mind with her brilliance and stark, contrasting features. Our pearl was given to pink.

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