Xxxtentacion beat up gay guy

The Violent Life and Shocking Death of XXXTentacion

xxxtentacion beat up gay guy

XXXTENTACION Smacks A Woman In Old Video! - TMZ Live

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The two-minute-thirty-second clip went live December 31, By April 22, , it had peaked at No. In an interview with the Miami New Times published Tuesday June 5 , Onfroy speaks to his tenuous yet tight-knit relationship with his mother, being against feminism but all here for astral projection, and other factors from his earlier life that have shaped who he is today. But the MeToo movement has climactically revolutionized how much power women are allotted once they publicize allegations, according to the rapper. Fuck no. He graduated to juvenile hall after racking up charges of armed robbery, burglary, possession of a firearm, resisting arrest and possession of oxycodone as a sophomore at Piper High School in Sunrise, Florida. Onfroy put his name down for a quarter of it before the money crowdsourcing website deleted the campaign page after several of his fans claimed she was misrepresenting her injuries.

XXXTentacion, the burgeoning SoundCloud rapper whose criminal history is A $AP Rocky Shares Mysterious Trailer For 'Babushka Boy,' Featuring Clip Of . He graduated to juvenile hall after racking up charges of armed robbery, The rapper nearly beat his gay cellmate to death after warning a guard.
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X XXTentacion lived a life of hyperfast, nihilistic violence where nothing could ever be put on pause. In the past year alone, he had a number one Billboard album, was banned from Spotify, dropped by his record label and charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant victim and witness tampering. His ex-girlfriend detailed the most horrendous abuse in court documents and press interviews. He will be remembered mostly for the unusually cruel violence he committed on vulnerable people, particularly his ex-girlfriend, crimes for which he never expressed remorse. On Monday afternoon, he was shot and killed in Miami, during an armed robbery. He was 20 years old.

Nearly six months before his death, the embattled year-old rapper XXXTentacion shared an urgent manifesto via Instagram Live. Eerily prescient, his words belied a sense of macabre resignation. The rapper, who at the time of his death was facing serious charges that included assault of a pregnant woman and witness harassment, trailed off into nearly Oprah-esque affirmations, talking about how he wanted his young fans, especially those dealing with mental illnesses, to live life without fear:. I know my goal in the end, and I know what I want for everyone, and I know what my message is. So I just wanted to say I appreciate and love all of you, and I believe in you all. Do not let your depression make you.

XXXTentacion is dead. I hate to admit that possibility has crossed my mind before. A year or so ago, I listened to him walk the No Jumper cast through a story about a gay cell mate he claimed he beat half to death for looking at him. I followed the story of the girl the rapper was accused of attacking, threatening, terrorizing, and kidnapping. I went after blogs, bloggers, fans, and anyone else I thought was taking too light a stance and too light a tone on the matter of abuse toward women and LGBTQ folks, the people who end up on the receiving end of violence and disrespect in the hip-hop community time and again, since the birth of the art form, since the birth of the country that birthed it. I thought, Here is a man who does not value life.

The Complicated Life and Death of XXXTentacion

How Will XXXTentacion Be Remembered?

The 20 year old was reportedly shot and killed Monday in Broward County, Florida in an apparent robbery. After a backlash, including some from some high profile artists , the decision was shortly reversed. Moreover, it resurfaces a nagging question that we have yet to adequately answer as a culture at large: How do we mourn the passing of morally questionable or downright terrible celebrities? The occasion of a celebrity death has become an ethically dubious, often exploitative affair in the age of social media, with the barely cold bodies serving as bountiful grist for the Takes Industrial Complex. You could, in one breath, praise him as one of the most influential and beloved artists of all time, then in the next, dismiss him as a truly fucked up creep. The impending death of Bill Cosby, probably not in the too distant future, will give us another trial run at getting it right.

Jahseh Onfroy, better known as the artist XXXTentacion, purposefully collapsed the real-life pain he wrought on others into his artistic persona. He was killed on Monday. He was confirmed dead at a local hospital a short while later. The killers made off with a Louis Vuitton bag. On Wednesday night a twenty-two-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Onfroy lived his short life chaotically, violently. And his jagged confessional music , which enraptured millions, sprang nakedly from that violence.

XXXTentacion Discusses His History of Violence & Why He's Against Feminism in New Interview

There have been calls to avoid speaking about his violent past and to focus instead on the music, to celebrate his talents and not to talk about the chaos that he created. Fans found the dangerous aspect of his persona alluring; the image of the misunderstood bad boy rejected by the mainstream had a darkly romantic aspect to it. Put simply, that persona helped sell music. He nearly did. I smear his blood on my face, on my hands.




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