Lg 27ud88 w 27 inch 4k usb c monitor review

LG 27UD88-W review

lg 27ud88 w 27 inch 4k usb c monitor review

LG 27UD88-W USB-C 4k Monitor- Review


The LG 27UD88 is an affordable, color accurate and beautiful monitor for both work and play. This is a genuinely fantastic and versatile display for any computer. The way we look at it, the best monitors are the ones that manage to strike a golden balance between price and performance. This is an incredibly color-accurate monitor that will be a huge hit for anyone that has to do any creative or photo work on a budget. It lacks some modern amenities, like a high refresh rate for gamers and HDR for entertainment all around, but what we get in return is a beautiful 4K Ultra HD monitor that anyone can afford.

Not a proper professional screen, nor an obvious choice for gaming. But it does a lot of things wellat a price. Unless you're spending big, big money, buying a monitor is almost always about compromises. In fact, the combo of just 4K and high refresh is still a little around the corner. In the meantime, what has LG rustled up to justify a fairly stiff sticker price for such a modestly proportioned panel? For starters, the 27UD88 packs a quality IPS panel, while cheap 4K monitors make do with TN tech, and thus inferior colors, contrast, and viewing angles. The 27UD88 also offers a little something to please graphics pros.

The LG 27UDW is flat-out one of the best monitors on the market, from a pure price to performance perspective. Are there better-looking monitors out there? Are there more affordable 4K displays? Most definitely. However, you're not going Want one? Amazon: prourls.

LG 27UD88-W Monitor Review Beautiful But Pricey 4K

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  1. The LG 27UDW is an affordable Ultra HD monitor without having to The inch, Ultra HD (UHD) LG 27UDW perfectly hits that goal and flies past it. Normally, if you're looking to get a 4K panel with FreeSync and a high USB ports, one DisplayPort, an audio output, HDMI and a USB-C port.

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