How to shorten a t shirt

5 Ways to Finish a T-shirt Hem for People Who Hate Hemming Knit Fabrics!

how to shorten a t shirt

How to Make a T-shirt Smaller

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Shorten tee shirt using elastic is another great way to shorten the length without all the hassle of marking, cutting, overlocking and sewing. Use a thin elastic that is the same width as the overlocking. Most tee shirts do not have a seam allowance as such, which means it have been created on an industrial overlocker with a stay stitch four threads or more. If I am making a garment from a stretch fabric such as tights or a tee shirt, I will thread my overlocker to a four thread machine and join in this manner. The only reason I would use my normal sewing machine is for work such as collars or the final hemming. Shorten tee shirt using elastic.

One of the biggest problems I have in buying new shirts is that they are more often than naught too long. So I decided to try my hand at shortening the hem and found it to be much easier than I expected! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Measure how much longer the "too-long" shirt is at the middle and at the sides, and remember this length. Some shirts have the same measurement across or even a more drastic difference.

Edward said:. July 28, at am. About your tutorial on shorting up a T-shirt without sewing. How does tightening up the hem with an elastic band shorten up a long T-shirt?? Betty said:.

But this is not the case with hemming knit fabrics. Hemming woven fabrics with little to no stretch is totally fun in my books, but knit fabrics? No thanks.
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Show less Shirts rarely come in a one-size-fits all. Even if the shirt fits you around the chest, waist, and shoulders, there is no guarantee that it will be the right length. Fortunately, shortening and hemming shirts is quite easy. How you go about doing it, however, will differ depending on the style of shirt you are altering as well as the material.

Shorten tee shirt using elastic

How to Hem T-Shirts Without Sewing : Sewing & Reconstructing T Shirts

How To Shorten A T-Shirt

It also came with a waist tie but it seemed way too long for a shirt on me but way too short for a dress. DIY to the rescue : And thankfully because of the stripes, the hard part was already done for me, yay! I also did this on the way out to a party with the boys waiting on me so excuse my quick photos : How to Shorten a Long Shirt: First, cut your shirt a little longer than you want it. But thankfully I do have a serger, total time saver. Here is the first line I did, I really think it looks much more professional if you use the double needle. I love using it but to be honest I think the setup takes too long and like I said I was literally leaving, I like to live on the edge, ha. So this time I just sewed another line but I do highly recommend the double needle for a professional looking hem.


How to shorten a man's dress shirt

How to Shorten a T-shirt Without Sewing



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