How to use compatible numbers to estimate the quotient

Estimating Decimal Quotients

how to use compatible numbers to estimate the quotient

4th Grade GoMath - 4.5 - Estimating Quotients Using Compatible Numbers

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In mathematics, compatible numbers are the numbers that are easy to add, subtract, multiply, or divide mentally. Compatible numbers are close in value to the actual numbers that make estimating the answer and computing problems easier. Here, we cannot find the difference between So, we make the numbers compatible by rounding both the numbers to the nearest tens. It is difficult to find the product of So, we use compatible numbers and find the product which is closer to the actual answer. However, if we make the numbers compatible, we can mentally find an answer close to the actual answer as shown,.

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Estimating Quotients You can determine if an answer in division is reasonable by learning to estimate the answers. Sample Round the divisor to the nearest 10 or , depending on how many digits are in the divisor. In the sample problem, the divisor 27 rounds to Round the dividend to the nearest 10, , or 1, so that all of the digits, except the first one are zeros. In the sample problem, the dividend rounds to Divide by The answer is

How Do You Estimate a Quotient Using Compatible Numbers?

Start by asking a new question , answering unanswered questions or registering or a free account! What two compatible numbers would you use to estimate the quotient , Your students have now reviewed finding compatible numbers for estimating answers to division problems with two-digit divisors.

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