Outlander season 1 episode 16

‘Outlander’ Season 1 Finale Recap: Jamie Is Broken

outlander season 1 episode 16

Outlander: A fun little tribute (Season 1)

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The first season of Outlander comes to a conclusion, following the previous harrowing episode that left Jamie alone with sadist Jack Randall, and Claire desperate to save him. Filled with gruesome torture and hints of more to come , there was much online debate about the violence of the episode, especially as it aired just days apart from the controversial rape of Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones. Certainly, the graphic nature of the penultimate Outlander was shocking, especially when you look back at the first few episodes that were comparatively bloodless save for the occasional flogging or gunshot wound. But much has changed since Claire walked through the stones and ended up in 18th century Scotland, and by this point we are all well aware of the calculated evilness of Randall and his obsession with Jamie. So if you were hoping for a finale filled with billowing fields of heather, romance and happy endings, now would be the time to change channels, as in their vigour to depict Randall as one of TV's most gruesome characters, the makers of Outlander have delivered the most disturbing hour of television drama you're ever likely to witness.

Jamie reveals the horrible torture he endured at Black Jack's hands. Well, we did it. I know I have. Jamie, naked and bloody, is lying wide awake in his cell with Black Jack nestled close behind. Randall gets up and begins to put himself together for the day, but a disturbance from the hallway draws his attention. He goes to investigate and is unceremoniously trampled by a herd of cattle that Murtagh and Co. Night-night, Black Jack?!

The finale takes us even further into the darkness and then, of course, the light. But the darkness … it is impressive, even by the standards of cable television. First things first, though: We have to free our hero. As it turns out, all they need is one very large, hairy diversion. A herd of cattle storms the prison basement, knocking Randall flat when he goes to investigate the hellish sound of hoofs echoing through the stone halls. The clansmen following the beasts give Randall the barest glance.

'Outlander' recap: 'To Ransom a Man's Soul'

To Ransom a Man's Soul

Sexual violence is a topic that is near impossible to discuss on television, let alone to depict. As a result, those incidents read as shallow and exploitative. It refuses to let imagination fill in the blanks and forces viewers to bear witness to the torture, both physical and psychological, that is taking place. The series views these acts as complex and horrifying, worthy of examination and discussion. Jamie comes out of Wentworth Prison a changed man, not broken, as he claims, but battered, bruised. He experiences flashbacks and shows several signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. Central to making this story work are the performances of both Tobias Menzies and Sam Heughan.

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Outlander season finale recap: A disturbing and gruesome hour of television






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  1. Outlander just finished airing its season 1 finale. The finale explore some of the darkest material yet.

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