Martin logan motion 15 review

MartinLogan Motion 15 / LX16 Bookshelf Speaker Review

martin logan motion 15 review

Martin Logan Motion 15 review. A hugely talented and fun pair of speakers. If you have a smaller room, you need to audition these Tested at ?.

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MartinLogan is known for making hybrid-electrostatic loudspeakers; however, that might be changing. Over the past couple years MartinLogan has started to roll out an entire series of speakers based off of their Folded Motion Tweeter. I have been a fan of Martin Logan Electrostatic speakers for quite some time, so I was excited to see what they could do with something outside their forte. Hence, I got my hands on a pair of their LX16 bookshelf speakers. The results were quite pleasing. The Motion 15's have just been released which are identical in performance to the LX16's but cosmetically refreshed. So this review applies to both speakers though our samples were the older LX16's.

When I was offered a pair of Martin Logan speakers for review I thought great! Now I need to just assemble a team of lumps to help me get them up the stairs to my place. So when I actually realised that I was to receive a pair from their Motion range I knew my back was not going to be in harms way. The pair I had in for review were in a black lacquer and looked very nice indeed white and deep cherry-red pictured lacquered finishes are also available. Binding posts are of the wing nut variety making connection using spades or bare wire an easy affair allowing for great clamping and grip of the speaker cable ends, 4mm plugs are also accepted. Measuring x x mm and weighing in at 5.

Enter then, the MartinLogan Motion 15, another of those little boxes that can. With distinctly pint-sized proportions, a high-gloss cabinet finish.
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A traditional carton loudspeaker in this way is not actually a heart MartinLogan product, an American firm famous for the high end electrostatic and hybrid panels - yet it nevertheless remains the layout that is most intriguing here. As a two channel as well as a home theatre loudspeaker, the 15 is sold in the States. It feels an excellent merchandise, having a selection of piano white piano black or black cherrywood finishes as well as a great cupboard. Most famous, however, is using a thread high frequency unit, which can be not common at this cost and usually the state of items that are expensive. The crossover uses low DCR steel laminate inductors and a custom air core coil with low DF electrolytics and polypropylene film capacitors.

The Motion 15 is in my listening room partly because I've wanted to hear it ever since I first saw it about a year ago, and partly because I mistakenly ordered it for our massive "Clash of the Minispeakers" test. Clearly I couldn't pit a speaker costing twice the price against a field of budget-focused models. The cabinet's sturdier, and covered in a gorgeous, real cherrywood veneer rather than fake wood plastic vinyl wrap. It's available in gloss black or gloss white, too. The binding posts are substantial thumbscrew types that permit a super-tight connection if you're using speaker cables tipped with spade lugs.

Available in three equally luxurious finishes—the sleek, elegant Piano Black; a modern, techy White; and a classic, timeless Black Cherrywood—, the design manages to find that rare balance between looking incredibly simple and extremely high quality. The most unusual design element is the folded motion ribbon tweeter which is located, as you would expect, towards the top of the matte black baffle. Weighing in at just 5. Essentially, this works by drastically reducing the excursion relative to a standard, 1 inch dome tweeter which, in turn, reduces distortion significantly and aids in the speed of the response. It is engineered to have as large a surface area as possible—around 8 times as large as your standard 1 inch tweeter—and this goes a long way towards creating a treble response which is dynamic, precise, and enjoyable to listen to.

Review: MartinLogan Motion 15 Bookshelf Speakers

Though MartinLogan may be best known for their ethereal electrostatic speakers, they also offer a line of speakers that use more traditional drivers. We received the Motion 15 for review, which features a single 5. The Motion 15 is available in three finishes: piano black, gloss white, and black cherrywood.

MartinLogan Motion 15 Review – Old Meets New

The mini-monitor occupies a very particular and long-standing place in the affections of Anglophone audiophiles. This means that recent entries to the market, like the KEF LS50, can at least depend on a degree of attention, if not guaranteed sales. The other thing they can depend on is some fairly serious competition — and not always from the expected quarter. Enter then, the MartinLogan Motion 15, another of those little boxes that can. It has also been building hybrids from day one, which amounts to 30 years of experience with this apparently simple yet practically challenging approach. If any company can make the pieces of this particular jigsaw fit, the smart money would be on MartinLogan. The Motion 15 actually uses a folded motion tweeter, a planar design derived from the legendary Heil AMT.

MartinLogan Motion 15 Loudspeaker (Hi-Fi+)



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