The dragon in the sock drawer

Book: The Dragon in the Sock Drawer

the dragon in the sock drawer

Dragon Keepers #1: The Dragon in the Sock Drawer [Kate Klimo, John Shroades ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For Magic Tree House.

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Look Inside. Jul 22, Pages Middle Grade Buy. Apr 28, Pages Middle Grade Jul 22, Pages Middle Grade For Magic Tree House readers who are ready for something longer, the Dragon Keepers series has the perfect length and reading level, along with the fast-paced writing, adventure, and sense of teamwork that kids love to read.

Ten-year-old cousins, Jesse and Daisy are hiking in the mountains when Jesse finds a very special rock that Uncle Joe calls a thunder egg. When they try to crack it open, it's so hard it breaks the strongest, sharpest blade Uncle Joe has in his shop. Jesse puts the thunder egg in is sock drawer with a feeling there is something special about it, something almost magical. Indeed there is because the next time he peeks in that drawer the egg is not an egg-it's a baby dragon. Now that's enough excitement right there, but it turns out there is a scientist in the area who has lost his lizard-or so he says.

Thank you! What is it about dragons that so appeals to children and fantasy readers? Of the two children, Daisy is the more active and adventurous, while Jesse tends toward thoughtfulness, but they are both determined to hang onto their new pet. Of course, all babies grow larger and Emmy, the dragon, who talks in a staccato English One. All would go smoothly if not for a new professor at the college, the very unpleasant and dangerous Professor Saint George, who has terrible breath and who will stop at nothing to have the dragon for his very own.

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer

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  1. The Dragon in the Sock Drawer book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A favorite dragon book—now in paperback!.

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