Name the natural polymer of which cotton is made

Synthetic Fibres

name the natural polymer of which cotton is made

May 3, Explanation: When repeated units of monomer are attached together, it is called a polymer. Polymers can be synthetic or natural. Synthetic.


A synthetic fibre is made of small units which are joined together. These units are made of chemical substances. Such small units combine to form a large single unit called a polymer. Hence, a polymer is made of many repeating units. Polymers also occur in nature. For example, cotton is a natural polymer which is made from the cellulose.

Cellulose is a macromolecule a polymer made up of a long chain of glucose molecules linked by C-1 to C-4 oxygen bridges with elimination of water glycoside bonds. The anhydroglucose units are linked together as beta-cellobiose; therefore, anhydro-beta-cellobiose is the repeating unit of the polymer chain see Figure 5. Wood pulp, rayon and cellophane all three derived from wood cellulose are also constructed of cellulose polymers. Cotton cellulose differs from wood cellulose primarily by having a higher degree of polymerization and crystallinity. Crystallinity indicates that the fiber molecules are closely packed and parallel to one another as illustrated in Figure 6.

Name the natural polymer of which cotton is made of

Man-made fibre , fibre whose chemical composition , structure, and properties are significantly modified during the manufacturing process. Man-made fibres are spun and woven into a huge number of consumer and industrial products, including garments such as shirts, scarves, and hosiery; home furnishings such as upholstery, carpets, and drapes; and industrial parts such as tire cord, flame-proof linings, and drive belts.

Natural Polymers

Question 1 What is a polymer? Question 2 Name the natural polymer from which cotton is made? Question 3 Name the units of which cellulose polymer is made? Question 4 Define the term monomer? Question 5 What are fibres? Question 6 What are natural polymers. Give example?

Polymers, whether artificial such as the plastic shown or natural, are made of repeating chains of smaller chemical units., The most simple definition of a polymer is something made of many units.

The word "polymer" means "many parts" from the Greek poly , meaning "many," and meros , meaning "parts". Polymers are giant molecules with molar masses ranging from thousands to millions. Approximately 80 percent of the organic chemical industry is devoted to the production of synthetic polymers, such as plastics, textiles fibers, and synthetic rubbers. A polymer is synthesized by chemically joining together many small molecules into one giant molecule. The small molecules used to synthesize polymers are called monomers.


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