Kanye west water bottle snl

Kanye West dressed up as a bottle of Perrier to perform on 'SNL' and people are seriously confused

kanye west water bottle snl

Kanye West - New Slaves (Live on SNL)

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Kanye West performed on the season premiere of " Saturday Night Live ," and his first performance of the night left many viewers confused. The rapper came out on stage dressed as a Perrier bottle. He was joined by Lil Pump, who wore a nameless Fiji bottle suit. The two performed their song " I Love It ," which was released September 7. Adele Givens, who is also featured on the song, appeared in the background. The entire performance was overshadowed by the two rappers dancing around the "SNL" stage in their costumes. Viewers didn't know what to make of the scene.

Did Halloween come early for Kanye West? West's known for his theatrics and unpredictability, but the year-old rapper truly might've outdone himself with his recent Saturday Night Live performance. No, instead the rappers decided "plastic bottles" are the name of the game and opted for Fiji-water- and Perrier-inspired outfits. Hydration for Fall? Later in the show, West performed "We Got Love," a new collaboration with Teyana Taylor, and closed out the evening with an uncomfortable political rant. However, he seems unfazed.

And because this is Kanye, it was weird and controversial. For anyone else, that would be enough. As the show ended, he delivered a rambling, pro-Donald Trump sermon which left the New York audience confused, and received a few audible heckles. The speech was cut from the broadcast but was filmed by former SNL star Chris Rock, who was in the audience, and posted on his Instagram Stories. Try love.

Kanye West's "I Love It" Saturday Night Live Video

The 'ye' star donned a 'Make America Great Again' cap for his final performance and delivered a pro-Trump speech. Meanwhile, Adele Givens appeared on a screen behind them. - What happened to Kanye West..

Kanye West dresses as a bottle of water and rants about politics in SNL appearance

As some fans questioned whether this was a sketch or not, Kanye literally dressed up as a Perrier bottle. Watch Yeezy try to rap while dressed as a sparkling water bottle below. When it comes to finding out what Kanye was planning, we were literally in the dark. While appearing in a promo for the variety show, Kanye was asked by Adam what he was planning and he remained completely quiet. The only thing that had some fans worried was the MAGA hat he decided to wear for the promo.

Kanye Wests 'SNL' Performance Of 'I Love It' May Raise Some Eyebrows

While the artist has a long history of unexpected actions, Kanye West's Saturday Night Live performance of "I Love It" may have been the single strangest moment in the rapper's year. Ditching the blocky costumes from the instantly iconic video , Kanye West and Lil Pump donned outfits resembling bottles of Perrier and Fiji Water, respectively, and let a few words slip that may upset some censors. Kanye West has a long history with SNL , having appeared on the shows' 40th anniversary special , previously announcing the release of his album The Life Of Pablo following an SNL performance, and even mocking the show on his song "Power". As a frequent collaborator of the show, it's no surprise that Kanye West's appearance on SNL was something of a last-minute arrangement, and possibly an example of someone calling in a favor. When Grande, whose boyfriend Pete Davidson is a cast member on the show, dropped out, "Kanye stepped up," as Michaels says.


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