Do the dead know what is happening on earth

Do the Dead Observe Earths Activities?

do the dead know what is happening on earth

What Happens Inside a Dying Mind?

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A new study is examining what happens to the brain after a person goes into cardiac arrest and suggests your consciousness carries on functioning after your heart stops beating. We know we are dead when we die because our brains keep working to make us aware of what's happening around us, haunting new research suggests. Top medical experts have forever been at loggerheads over what happens when humans die, with anecdotal evidence of bright lights and flashes reported by people who have 'come back' being the cause of much debate. However, a new study suggests your consciousness carries on functioning after your heart stops beating and your body movements fail. This means you are essentially 'trapped' inside your dead body with your brain still working, if only for a short time. Survivors of cardiac arrest were aware of what was going on around them while they were 'dead' before being 'brought back to life', the study revealed. More surprising still, there is evidence to suggest the deceased may even hear themselves being pronounced dead by doctors.

After the death of his son four years ago, evangelist Greg Laurie became a lot more interested in heaven, he said during his sermon at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif. The other topic is on hope. I didn't say I was an expert on heaven and hope. I still have a lot to learn. Christopher Laurie, who served as the art director at Harvest, was killed on July 24, at the age of 33 when his vehicle crashed into the back of a Caltrans truck on a freeway in Corona, Calif. He was on his way to Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside. Laurie's wife, Cathe, who wrote on her husband's blog recently that she struggles to explain her grief, also stated: "Four years ago today, at am, my firstborn son Christopher left this world and was ushered in as Elizabeth Elliot so beautifully put it 'Through Gates of Splendor.

If a person has a long-term illness, it's common for the person to withdrawal socially in the months before death. This means that the person may be less interested in certain activities, such as work or social gatherings. Moreover, people tend to have less energy toward the end of their lives. This fatigue prompts them to sleep more, often for most of the day. There are multiple causes for this fatigue. If the person has cancer, the cancer cells can consume a lot of the person's energy, O'Connor said. Also, irregular breathing can cause a person to have lower levels of oxygen and higher levels of carbon monoxide in their blood, which can lead to fatigue.

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What Happens When You Die?

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There is no detailed discussion of this topic in the Bible. Our conclusions, therefore, can be drawn only from isolated and rather vague portions of Scripture. Note the following. There is clear biblical testimony supporting the fact that the dead remember their earthly activities. In the narrative dealing with the rich man and Lazarus, the rich man was being tormented in the Hadean realm.


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