What films are in the cinema at the moment

Ten new movies to see this month

what films are in the cinema at the moment

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Everything from small scale films to great blockbusters for all the family PLUS trailers for upcoming films! Please note that not all 12A films are appropriate for younger children. A line of plush toys launched in , they became an overnight sensation. Factory rejects who get pulled off the production line and tossed down the disposal chute, the Ugly Dolls have formed their own community in Uglyville where, headed up by green one-eyed Ox Blake Shelton , they are content and oblivious to their imperfections. Which is where the find the Institute of Perfection, a place where human-like dolls are prepared in readiness to follow their toy destinies, overseen by preening blond-haired pop star-like guru Lou Nick Jonas with the help of a trio of mean girls Janelle Monae among them each with their own insecurities. Needless to say, the arrival of the Ugly Dolls causes consternation and pits them against the tyrannical Lou.

Okay, and double denim. Out Aug 9. Not the Biggie Smalls one, the Hitchcock thriller: equal levels of murderous intriguing, quite a lot less rap. Featuring absolutely no white vans with copies of The Sun in the window, this classy-looking Euro-thriller updates a novel by Anna Seghers to a seemingly modern-day France. The wrinkle that the story, of a German refugee Franz Rogowski on the run from fascists, is exactly the same.

A Jamaican teen, burdened by an unstable father and an unruly older brother, hopes a meteoric rise in track-and-field can reunite him with his mother, who has lived illegally in the U. Create your own Playlist choose your favourite trailers and then watch them back to back, one after the other, and all in one place. To add films to your Playlist, simply roll your mouse over a film poster and select the 'Trailer - Add to Playlist' button. Give it a try! Signing up to MyODEON means you'll be able to save your favourite cinemas, create a watch list, book quickly and easily online and rate and review the films you have seen.

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Hollywood 1982, un ete magique au cinema - Documentaire complet - ARTE Cinema

Current top 15 films in UK cinemas


See all the latest films at your local Vue, book film tickets online, watch film trailers and find cinemas near me. To see all films at Vue cinema check film times and cinemas near me in Vue What's On. Rick Dalton and his stunt double head to Hollywood to make names for themselves.
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