Perry mason episode the case of the larcenous lady

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perry mason episode the case of the larcenous lady

Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives

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Sign in. See the list. In Upton, CA the governor's representative, state committeeman William Carter, offers the post of head of the crime commission to Mayor James Henderson over attorney Arnold Webberly, the other candidate for the office. Afterward, Jim's wife Mona makes a cryptic call to real estate developer Tom Stratton. Photographer Frank Sykes bursts in and takes pictures of the bribe.

Raymond Burr Perry Mason. Barbara Hale Della Street. William Hopper Paul Drake. William Talman Hamilton Burger. Ray Collins Lt. Wesley Lau Lt. Andy Anderson.

Media Page. Wiki Search. Barbara Hale Annex. Della Looks On. Perry Mason Group.

This page contains plot information, including the resolution to the murder. Enter at your own risk. Email the Barrister. Plot Jim Henderson is the mayor of Upton. He is being considered by the governor to take over the vacant post to head up the state's crime commission. The decision is between him and Arnold Webberly, a good friend of his. Unbeknownst to Jim, his wife Mona and Tom Stratton have a deal going.

Arthur Franz: Mayor James Henderson

Next Episode Previous Episode. Mayor James Henderson's secretary, Susan Connolly, is caught up in the political schemes of the mayor's wife Mona and goes to Perry for help. When Mona is killed, Susan is the prime suspect



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