Dwayne johnson vin diesel feud

Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel Probably Won’t Work Together Again Anytime Soon

dwayne johnson vin diesel feud

The Rock & Tyrese: 'The Fast & Furious' Feud Continues - TMZ Live

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Inside bitter Fast and Furious feud. Nothing can stop this fast-driving, fast-living film franchise that initially began life as a scrappy action movie about drag racing and now feels more like the bastard child of Jason Bourne and James Bond. Can you blame them? His absence is pointed. Two of the most bankable men in Hollywood are rumoured to have some serious beef. The fans loved him, and he was beginning to prove himself in movie roles.

Vin Diesel Vs. The first major Furious feud came between Vin Diesel and the writers of the first sequel, 2 Fast 2 Furious. From there, everything seemed to go smoothly until the filming of the eighth film, The Fate of the Furious. The Rock Vs. On Aug. Michelle Rodriguez confirms the feud in Sep.

The Rock is a known entity, made of 90 percent cod and the rest sunshine. What else might one expect between two grown men named The Rock and Diesel? Just this Saturday, as the cast and crew took to the premiere red carpet, The Rock tied a nice bow on the situation while also leaving a lot of room for interpretation. And again, the most important thing is just the movie. During the last week of Fast and the Furious 8 filming, The Rock broke the news that not all was well in the Furious family with an Instagram. The ones that don't are too chicken shit to do anything about it anyway.

Dwayne Johnson is known as one of the most affable, charismatic stars in Hollywood. The former pro wrestler turned actor regularly makes headlines for his sweet snapshots with fans and the genuine way he seems to treat everyone in his orbit. His rumored feud with actor Vin Diesel is that much more surprising because of how good-natured Johnson normally is. We've come so far from our dreams of what we could do with our own production company to entertain the world. Cheers to all!

Between The Rock and Vin Diesel is a very hard place

Fast & Furious writer opens up about Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson 'feud'





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  1. The feud had a massive fallout, both with regard to the film, and the future of the franchise, which at that time was experiencing its heyday.

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